Best League of Legends AP Mid Champions

Published: July 10, 2014

This list is about the strongest AP mid champions in League of Legends. These champions are judged on statistical win rate, skill set, and subjective carrying potential in solo queue.

  1. Talon

    Talon is an extremely underappreciated champion. His top 5 winrate alongside his snowball potential place him at the top of the list. Once he gets going, he is extremely hard to stop due to his incredible burst and lack of stealth countering items. He can very easily single-handedly carry a solo queue game with his pushing and roaming capabilities.

    Rating: 10/10


  2. Kassadin

    Although his win rate has dipped due to repeated nerfs, any half-way decent Kassadin player will dominate the game. His extremely high mobility makes his presence global. He also has a very nice flexibility in his build paths allowing for multiple roles in case your team needs a particular type of champion. His potential for carrying a game is in his ability to easily pick off targets as well as endlessly chase an enemy team team. 

    Rating: 9.5/10

  3. Ziggs

    His win rate took a tip in the recent patch, but he still remains one of the strongest champions. He carries the game by providing endless pressure on the midlane with his insane pushing skills. He can effectively remove pressure off of his two side lanes and 1 c 2 the enemy mid and jungler. Late game his extremely high burst, damage, and wave-clear make him a great asset to any team compositon.

    Rating: 9.5/10

  4. Syndra

    She is starting to see increasing play at the competitive LCS level. Her single target damage, farming skills, and wave clearing ability set her apart from many other champions. She can play the role of either farmer or assasin depending on the situtation of the game. She does require some knowledge and skill to be effective; however, this trait just increases her ceiling higher.

    Rating 9/10

  5. Katarina

    She has both the skill set and win rte to prove herself worthy of this postition. Although a competent enemy laner can usually deal with her for the laning phase, her teamfighting skills are immense. In teamfights, she adds the single highest DPS output potential of nearly any AP-based champion in the game with her reset passive. She can single handedly carry a struggling team with the correct mindset.

    Rating 9/10

Talon remains an incredibly strong champion, escpecially with the new prevalence of late game hyper-carries. His ability to effectively nullify the enemies main threat makes him a force to be reckoned with. That being said, any champion on this list is more than capable of giving you an advantage on your opponent and leading your team to victory.