The Top 5 Best Video Game Websites

Published: November 15, 2013

This is a list of what I believe to be the best video game related websites. The gaming industry has grown exponentially in the last decade and it is because of sites like these why they have become a large part of the internet.

  1. Youtube

    While Youtube is a website made for posting videos on just about anything, there are many, many videos related to the world of gaming. There are let'splay channels such as GameGrumps and review channels such as the Wiiviewer. That is why it belongs on this list.


  2. Joystiq

    This website is mainly for news articles in the gaming industry. Why this website stands out from other gaming new sites, is because of its sense of humor. Every article that is posted is given a spice of personality, and the site is updated constantly.


  3. Gametrailers

    If you want a website for video reviews and various videos based on the gaming community. There are shows like PopFiction, Annoyed Gamer, and podcasts such as Invisible Walls to keep the website updated daily. The reviews are always interesting and the shows are a lot of fun to watch.


  4. IGN

    IGN deserves a spot on the list for its reviews. While they are not always flawless, their reviews at least give you a good hint at what they're reviewing is like. They review not only games, but movies and T.V. shows as well.


  5. Screwattack

    This website is known amongst the gaming community as the website behind SGC. The reason this site is one of the best is beacuse of its personality. With content like Deathbattle and the Game Overthinker, it is well worth your time to visit it.


I strongly encourage you to view these sites and see if you get hooked like I have. These websites are among the best when it comes to news, reviews, and many other gaming related videos on the internet. Copy one of the links and have fun.