The Best Stores for Men's Fashion on a Budget

Published: July 9, 2014

This list for for men who are concerned about the way they dress but are strapped for cash. These stores provide great options to build a stylish wardrobe for a low price. You don't need to buy ill-fitting clothing or reject style just because of your financial situation. These stores are a great way to pick up basics as well as flashy stylish choices.

  1. Uniqlo

    Uniqlo is great because it does its job. Basics at a fair price with quality. I love their slim fit Oxford shirts as well as their slim chino pants. Most stores are either in the New York City area or on the west coast, leaving customers that would like to purchase clothing in the store out of luck. Fortunately, more stores are opening every year in the United States. Uniqlo offers a great opportunity for men to get classic staples that will always look good. Their website often offers free shipping for orders over $50. If you are lucky enough to live close to a store, they will offer free hemming on pants that you purchase. Pants are usually only offered in 34 inseam in order to reduce costs. Whether you want a casual outfit, business casual, or would like to dress up, this is a great place. One more thing - watch out for promotions! I was able to buy many knit ties for under $4 as well as their $70 blazer for $50. I hope this Japanese retailer keeps expanding in the United States.

  2. H&M

    H&M is great for all sorts of purchases. They have basic t-shirts, but also some outrageous fashion forward choices. Sometimes there are issues with quality, but for the prices it is hard to complain too much. Different types of items are offered as "higher" quality and are great choices. I love to get their basic hooded sweatshirts in a variety of colors for when the weather starts to be chilly. If you have a specific color shirt you need or want to get an outfit put together quickly, H&M is the place to go. The fits are often thinner than what you could find in most department stores, which depending on your body type can be helpful to avoid the costs of a tailor. I recently purchased a somewhat casual linen suit which fit off the rack extremely well. Recently they have added online ordering in the United States, so you can add to your style from the comfort of your own home.

  3. Target

    Often known as the competitor of Wal-Mart, Target tries to differentiate itself with some higher quality in products. Clothing selection is no exception. I was surprised to see Target recommended often on different style websites and blogs. I stopped by my local store and found a lot of great choices. While there is not a great selection for every type of clothing, there are some great basics. I love some of the ties I see there, and everytime I'm there I pick up a pair of cool looking dress socks. The fits are usually a little more relaxed and can work with a more average body size, so those with slimmer bodies may have trouble finding button up shirts that don't require a tailor. They also have great Henley shirts and shorts. A great place to check out while you run errands. Extra bonus - with a Target RedCard (debit or credit) you can get 5% off every purchase in the store and online, as well as free shipping. Not Bad!

  4. Forever 21

    Do you know any young ladies that swear by Forever 21 for fashionable pieces? Well you may not know this, but Forever 21 also has a Mens section, bigger in some stores than others. It has somewhat of the same sense of style as the womens, providing cheap options for young people. I bought some jeans there that fit great for an even better price.

  5. JCrew Factory

    Like JCrew but hate the price tags? Well JCrew factory may be the answer. They provide some great products with easier to look at price tags. Yes, the quality may suffer a little compared to JCrew, but you may not notice much of a difference and the general style is still very similar. Look for coupon codes and sales to increase your savings.

  6. Urban Outfitters

    Urban Outfitters is great for goofier clothes with weird patterns or designs. I also purchased my favorite pair of raw denim jeans there, a stable of many of my outfits. If you want to stand out with your clothing, this may be the store for you. You also can channel your style sense into your home with many different items to decorate your house.

  7. Grailed

    Grailed is a website that allows users to sell unwanted clothing. Yes, sometimes the clothing is used, but often items are only worn once. Some have never been worn and still have tags. You can find extremely high quality items on this website, and while some may be out of your price range, occasionally you can pick up something great.

  8. Macys

    Yes these type of stores are hit or miss, and often you can get the same items cheaper elsewhere, but you can get great sales at Macys or other similar department stores. I love Levis jeans, which are often very cheap at stores such as this. Last time I was at Macys I picked up some great ties on sale.


    If you know what you want then Amazon may be the place for you. Clothing selection is unreal on this site, and free shipping just makes it even better. I have bought Dockers chino pants on sale from Amazon, as well as a Timex watch, one of the best looking choices out there for somebody looking for a bargain. It may be overwhelming if you are just "shopping around" but you can find your favorite brands on there, often for less.

  10. Goodwill/Thrift Stores

    This has to be last on my list just because - you never know! You may need to sort through a poorly organized mess, but I have heard many stories about people getting lucky and finding very expensive items for next to nothing. If you are lucky enough to find a high quality dress shoe, like Allen Edmonds, in your size - pick them up. Even if they are beat up, the cost of repairing the shoes to look brand new will usually outweigh the cost of buying those shoes new.

These are some of my favorite stores to shop at with my limited amount of money. These provide great opportunities to have a young, fashionable looking wardrobe without crying when I look at the cost. Some stores provide more basic items while others provide items that may not be in style for very long. There is something in these stores for everybody. Hopefully you can check them out and start improving your closet and your bank account.