The Best Unique Pokemon To Use In Battle

Published: July 3, 2014

If you like to competitively battle in pokemon then you've come to the right place. These are pokemon that are not all that common in the metagame or considered to be in the "overused" tier. They will give you an advantage when using them as people will be surprised and not immediately know how to counter.

  1. Gallade


    Gallade is often overlooked because of how frail it is, but this pokemon can pack quite a bunch. A psychic pokemon that won't be OHKO'D by sucker punch is always a sight for sore trainers. Also, along with its excellent typing, Gallade has an amazing movepool to work with. Stab psycho cut and close combat offer a wide range of pokemon to KO, add in a 90 base power leaf blade and Ice punch, and gallade becomes one of the most fearsome attackers in the game. With max speed EV's and a jolly nature, Gallades own speed and a life orb can make this attacker one of the best opening pokemon to check all incoming attackers. Great coverage, powerful bulk, and still reasonably quick, Gallade can bring it all.

  2. Zoroark

    If used properly, zoroark becomes an extremely powerful threat on your team. With illusion, zoroark will look like whatever the last pokemon in your party is, use this to your advantage. Often times the best pokemon to team zoroark up with is gengar. Send out Zoroark disguised as gengar and your opponent won’t use a fighting move. It can be even more effective if your opponent’s pokemon would know a psychic move as since zoroark is immune, it gets a free move/ nasty plot to further raise its stats. With all this going for it and a good movepool that includes things such as flamethrower, zoroark is a must have.

  3. Typhlosion

    This pure fire pokemon is quite the speedster and with enough bulk to do serious damage in the metagame. While a little on the frail side, typhlosion has a respectable attack and amazing speed. Put on the right sunny day team and Eruption is a stab 150 fire move with no charge time. Just think about that next time you want to try out a pokemon for your team.

  4. Sableye

    Until this last generation sableye was regarded for one thing over all else, it wasn't weak to any type of attack. That has since changed with the introduction of the fairy type, but the little pokemon can still pack quite a punch. With prankster you are guaranteed to hit your opponent first with whatever status move you feel like using, add a little bulk and you get a very annoying and stratigic wall. 

  5. Togekiss

    The happy little pokemon was always a threat with a 60% chance to flinch a pokemon and a decent movepool coupled with good speed and special attack. The 6th generation gave the egg pokemon one more toy to work with, fairy typing. With a new resistance to dragon typing, togekiss can be a late game sweeper with minimal drawbacks and great moves.

  6. Lilligant

    Grass type is increasingly rarer in the metagame, and its a shame becasue they can do so much. With soild stats, the thing that puts Lilligant over the top is its amazing ability own tempo. It can use a stab 120 grass move, and not feel confused after its done attacking. That makes an amazing combo that people definitly want to use. 

  7. Snorlax

    The original offensive tank has fallen some with the prevelance of fighting types now present in the game. This should not be the case. Snorlax has one of the widest movepools avaiable to pokemon and can use it to devestating effect. The pokemon has amazing bulk and power and using a plethora of sets can fufill a number of roles on any team. 

  8. Xatu

    The original bird prophet has decent speed and special attack, and an okay movepool, but none of those are reasons to use it. Magic bounce, however is. Predict the stealth rock or any status move and magic bounce can redirect it back at your opponenets, and Xatu is strong enough to do damage back. 

  9. Archeops


    With possible STAB access to a 110 acrobatics and stone edge coupled with a quite deadly attack and a speed stat that out runs most of the game, it's almost an amazement archeops isn't used more. The problem lies with its ability that halves Archeops's attack stat when its hp falls below 50%. With this in mind, use Archeops as a specialist pokemon. Keep its two stab moves for sure, and when it goes below 50%, have some status inflicting moves to still damage pokemon. Archeops has a large movepool to draw from that includes dragon types and access to roar.

  10. Regigigas


    Most people look at Regigigas wrong. They see it as a tragedy of a pokemon. All that talent wasted with a terrible ability in slow start that makes its attack and speed half for the first 5 turns its in. Regigigas has crawled down to the furthest depts of the metagame, and no one seems to want to use it, which is a crying shame, because it is one of the best offensive walls in the metagame, in fact, I have used this pokemon for quite a long time and can say with ease that this is THE best offensive wall in the metagame. 

    The problem with Regigigas is that people see it wrong. Don't look at him like a pokemon who gets his attack and speed reduced, go the half glass full route, and look at the ability as its attack and speed doubling after 5 turns. When people do this, they'll start to see the power of regigigas.

    It has 110 defense, special defense, and HP. Let that sink in. Max out defense and special defense and give it a nature that raises its defense, and you have a pokemon that practically NOTHING IN THE GAME CAN OHKO. And after surviving turn one, regigigas best set can come out.

    Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, Substitute, and Return with max defense/special defense EV's and leftovers. Those four moves and that set with Regigigas can sometimes sweep entire teams. Thunder Wave on any new pokemon means that even with slow start Regigigas will out speed it next turn. Confuse Ray right after, and with the two combined (parafuse) There is around a 75% chance that your opponent wont be able to attack. Now substitute and let the leftovers heal you as slow start fades and your attack becomes double. Then just finish the battle with Return if your opponent hasn't confused themselves to death yet. This set often changes the tides of battle. 

Reading these reviews, it's not a secret that I find Regigigas to be the gem in the rough. But all of these pokemon are excelent in their own right and given the right situation, anyone could use these pokemo nto their full potential and win a match.