Best fun sites of Australia

Published: June 30, 2014

In late February of 2014 I flew from Los Angeles to Sydney and thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Australia. Here are a few examples of where I went, what I saw, food and drink I enjoyed. 

  1. Flying First Class on United Airlines

    When flying to Los Angeles to Sydney, I was upgraded to First Class on United. I thoroughly enjoyed the comfy seats that fold flat when you are ready to sleep, the entertainment package with unlimited movies, TV, books, games or you can plug in your own device for your own electronic amusement. You get a choice of dinner entrees and the wine and liquor is free. The flight attendants are quite chatty, helpful and nice to you. But if that isn't enough-Bruno Mars was sitting right across from me!!!!

  2. Blue Mountain tour

    Just outside of Sydney is a lovely trip you can take to Blue Mountain. It was raining that day so I could not see the Three Sisters, however the landscape and geology is amazing. 

  3. Chinese gardens in Sydney

    The Chinese living in Sydney have a large beautiful garden that you can walk through and be amazed by the sites. Great place for a photographer. There is a little snack cafe where you can have your tea looking out at the beauty. 

  4. The Pinnacles

    Near Perth, there is a beautiful other worldly landscape you can take a bus tour to, and it will make you feel like you have left the planet. 

  5. Haversham Wildlife Park

    If you like kangaroos and koalas, you can have an upclose encounter with both. This is included in a tour  and you will enjoy it if you like animals.

  6. The Beach

    The beaches in Australia are amazing. I loved the west side beaches near Perth, but enjoyed the ones in Sydney as well. They are clean and free!!!

  7. The Great Barrier Reef

    You can take a tour boat our to a large pontoon that will suit you up with either snorkel or scuba equipment. They feed you lunch, and its a fun group. But the water and the fish and the coral reef is the star of the show. You don't need to swim deep to see all varieties of fish and coral. A sea turtle came right up next to me! It was an experience of a lifetime. 

  8. Starbucks and Nail Salons

    What I lacked was the lack of commercialization. There were malls and Sbux and Nail Salons but not on every corner as it is here in the US! I loved walking the cities and seeing the culture and neighborhoods. People were friendly and I felt very safe. 

  9. Margaret River wine country

    You can take a tour through the wine country, where they stop and do some wine tasting, and the Margaret River Wineries were very generous with their sampling of not only wines but they had liquors, olive oils and snacks. The tour also included a stop at a Chocolate factory with free samples and a cheese factory. Yum! 

  10. Waterfalls!

    As you take the tours or drive (however they drive on the left and you should too when you are there) there are waterfalls on many turns and throughout the country. 

  11. There's always more to see!

    I didn't get to Tazmania, Uluru or many other spots including the interior. Some places you have to go during a specific time frame due to weather. Some places are far (the north) and may need more time to explore. I look forward to my next trip. 

There's lots to see in Australia and number 10 is my favorite. For me, their summer is during my winter, so I look forward to going back and spending more time at the Reef and other sites.