Best Wrestlers at Scaring the Crowd

Published: June 30, 2014

It's easy to name off heroes from the wresting ring.  Ask a fan for the names of scary wrestlers and they just might remember one name that sticks out of their memory the most.  But wrestling has a history full of frightening foes for us to focus on!

  1. The Undertaker

    The name "Undertaker" immediately initiates thoughts of death.  He stands at a tall 6'10" and weighs in around a hefty 300 lbs.  His stage name perfectly matches his big stage presence.  Undertaker blinded arenas with complete darkness and filled spectators ears with sounds of a resonating gong.  Not only is he dark and dangerous, but he's also every parent's worst nightmare by displaying the most intense eye-rolling gestures!  His signature moves are fittingly called Hell's Gate, Tombstone, Last Ride, and Cravate Hangman.  Undertaker was formerly accompanied by Paul Bearer, a pale, dark-haired man having a whiny voice and carrying an urn.  Another one of his partners in crime is Kane, his half-brother.  Together, this frightening pair became known as "The Brothers of Destruction."














































  2. Kane

    As if the Undertaker wasn't scary enough, family just had to be added into the picture.  Unliked in-laws seem angelic in comparison with Kane who set his brother on fire!  Apart from his infamous half-brother, he proved his own evil actions were sinister and earned himself the nickname of "Devil's favorite demon."  His stature is large and in-charge and his moves are just as big!  Kane can grab his opponent by the neck using one hand, hoist them high into the air, and slam fiercely slam his helpless opponent onto the ring.  He would often finish off the match by crossing opponents' arms into a crossed "rest in peace" position.  Kane has since toned things down, removed his mask, and adorned business like attire.  Suits may not look scary, but it's obvious what Kane will always be capable of!

  3. Rakishi

    Any person unfamiliar with the sumo culture could easily see this massive wrestler as little more than a gargantuan man running around in the biggest diaper ever.  Sumo wrestlers slinging people around the ring and into the corner is quite a sight.  Could it get any worse?  Rakishi's famous move in known as the "Stinkface."  Rakishi gives whole new meaning to rap lyrics and "backs that thang up" burying his opponents face inbetween his engorged, exposed butt cheeks.  There's no possible way that physical activity like wrestling combined with all that mass didn't result in sweat galore.  As if suffocation wasn't scary enough...

  4. Scary Sherri

    Some used to call this wrestler "Sensational" while many others preferred calling her "Scary Sherri."  Sherri learned under the Magnificent Moolah, a famous female wrestler pionerring the path for other women in wrestling.  Sherri was tough and she was predictably unpredictable.  Sherri couldn't be trusted to resist temptation at the ringside and refrain from interfering/cheating in matches.  It wasn't all of these unsavory characteristics that made her so scary.  Instead it was her horrendous, exaggerated eye shadow!


  5. Jake the Snake Roberts

    His name says it all!  Jake Roberts was known for carrying a large white bad to the ring with him.  It wouldn't be long before he would take advantage of a semi-consious opponent.  The bag carried Roberts evil python named Damien.  Snakes are scary, but a huge snake slithering all over the body upon gaining conscious is beyond frightening!


  6. "Rowdy" Roddey Piper

    Roddy Piper, also known as "Rowdy" and "Hot Rod," is quite the character. Very proud of his heritage, Rowdy was known for bagpipe music at his entrance, carrying bagpipes, and wearing a kilt throughout his career.  He may have often worn a smile, but Piper was known to get pretty rowdy and was a man to take seriously!  Everybody knows getting on the badside of a Scottish man could make things take a turn for the worst.


  7. The Macho Man Randy Savage

    Was Randy Savage really a macho man?  Is this persona what the Village People wanted to be?  The thought of his loud, violent bursts through the wall demanding people to "snap into a Slim Jim" can be pretty intimidating.  To this day, his decades old catch phrase "Oh Yeah" still finds its way out of the mouths of fans.  Macho Man wasn't someone to make an enemy.  Since his retirement from his wrestling, Savage passed away from a heart attack he suffered while driving and then he crashed into a tree.  R.I.P. Macho Man!


  8. Papa Shango and The Godfather (Charles Wright)

    As if this wrestler's 6'6" height and hefty 330 lbs wasn't intimidating enough, Charles Wright known as Papa Shango added voodoo powers to the equation.  He would cast spells and turn his opponents into zombies.  Then Wright put down his bag of magical tricks to move onto a totally different kind of tricks, not the kind meant for kids or craved by a silly rabbit!  Papa Shango magically disappeared and "The Godfather" pimp gimmick came into play.  It wasn't enough for the Godfather to be surrounded by local strippers ringside in the arena.  After retiring from wrestling, Charles Wright moved to Las Vegas and managed a strip club.  He only occasionally finds his way back into the wrestling ring and goes by the name "Pimp Father."  A man with all kinds of tricks of his sleeves is a man to be feared.

  9. Mankind

    Mic Foley as "Mankind" was not a kind man at all.  Mankind wore a leather mask surrounded by long, dark scraggly hair and he would often randomly cry out "Mommy."  As if that wasn't enough to prove his mental derangement, he also talked to a rat named George.  Mankind went out of his way to prove puppets aren't just for kids and often brought "Socko" the sock with him to cram down the throats of his opponents.  This "Mandible Claw" move wasn't just painful, but also dreadful.  Dirty, sweaty socks in the mouth...yuck! 


  10. The Boogeyman

    His name has nothing to do with too much mucous.  This is one scary man truly redefining the stories childhood nightmares are made of.  The Boogeyman's entrance was a voodoo dance surrounded by smoke.  After this theatrical prologue to his matches, his defeated opponents learned his appetite for destruction was only superseded by his appetite for disgusting!  Out came a bag of...worms.  Unlike Jake the Snake who encouraged one-on-one time between his opponent and his snake, the Boogeyman would pour the worms into his mouth and often regurgitate them on and into the mouths of his victims!  That mama bird feeding her young don't seem quite so revolting anymore.


Who scares fans the most?  Why are they the most scary?  Wrestlers are uniquely created with death themes and slithering reptiles to mock worthy make-up and sock puppet brutality.  The scarriest of all is only defined by the eyes of the beholder.