Best Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Minneapolis

Published: June 25, 2014

While not as "weird" as Portland or Austin Minneapolis is a progressive bastion. Among other subversives we have our fair share of vegans (myself included). It's rare a non-chain restaurant does not have vegan options, though it's never guarenteed. Most restautants around here know it's worth their time and effort to include vegan options. Here are the best places to hit to fill that craving. 

  1. Bad Waitress

    Always a first place I bring visiting friends and family. A classic diner style restaurant with fantastically delicious options. Standard fare with a flair. Typically "american style" restaurants are the worst for finding anything vegan friendly but Bad Waitress has multiple wonderful options.

    The place earns it's name because the waitressing is near non-existent. Fill out your order at your table and bring it up to the register. They at least cook it and bring it out for you (though I bet if health standards allowed they'd make you do that too). 

  2. KinhDo Vietnamese

    Almost any asian restaurants will have a bounty of vegetable, tofu, and/or mock duck options. This one has been the crowd pleaser for my group though. A good dozen plus vegan entrees and everyone of them as great as the last. Kung Pao mock duck, Mongolian tofu, Happy Farmer with mock duck, Broccoli in garlic sauce, Golden curry tofu, and the list goes on. 

  3. Pizza Luce

    If I could only ever eat at one restaurant for the rest of my life it would be Pizza Luce. Pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and salads. Several vegan options in each category.

    The first pizza I'd recommend is The Rustler. Includes mock duck, pineapple, banana peppers, and red onion with a BBQ/red sauce. They also have a seasonal menu that brings fresh new items worth trying every few months. With 6 locations in the metro you are never not within easy reach (especially with their free delivery).

    A few of them even have Saturday/Sunday brunch that it an absolute must-hit if you ever have the chance. The vegan options during those include Apple quinoa cakes, Brunch burritto, Huevos Luceros, Tomato Floentine, and a Tofu scramble. Every one of them are incredible. 

  4. Galactic Pizza

    Luce is not the only pizza joint ready to serve your dietary needs. Galactic Pizza has a stellar menu with a good handful of vegan options. Alamo (the BBQ style pizza), Paul Bunyan (Wild rice and other MN staples), and The Hipster (spinach, roma tomatoes, button mushrooms), and Pizza Bianca (Olive oil, garlic sauce, sun dried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts) are just a few of the pizzas worth your time. You can even top it all off with a decadent slice of vegan strawberry cheesecake. Also a 4-6pm happy hour with half-off apps and *two dollar* local drafts.

  5. Ecopolitan

    The only true vegan restaurant in the city, as well as raw. Everything they make meets those two diets. While I give this place a 5/5 in the quality and the taste of the food I've only been there a couple times because it is not worth the cost. The portions are infentesimal while the prices average $14 per (small) entree. My favorite though is the menu option "surprise entree". Let the chef decide what you'll be eating. Worth visiting once but spare your wallet and limit it to that one time. 

  6. French Meadow Bakery & Cafe

    High quality food with several vegan options in each category. I often dirft toward their breakfast platters because they do them so well. They also have a wide selection of baked goods. The baked good are a touch spendy though I'm almost glad or I'd be 300lbs from their cupcakes alone if I could afford to have them every day. 

  7. Evergreen Chinese

    This place is king of the faux meats. Mock beef, pork, chicken, and seafood. They even have most of the items for sale standalone if you want to take a package of the frozen stuff with you. The atmosphere of the restaurant is one of the strangest. Reminds me of half school cafeteria and half cheap diner with the tile floors and metal chairs/tables. Don't let that keep you away though, you will find menu options here that I have seen no where else. 

  8. Hard Times Cafe

    Vegetarian "greasy spoon" with many vegan options. It's a slightly run down place but that's part of the appeal and fits with their staff and typical patrons. Simple food but always tasty. Open 22 hours a day (closed 4-6am). I highly recommend hitting this place but BRING CASH! Only accepted payment method.

  9. Camdi

    A very small restaurant but a personable staff and a good chunk of the menu dedicated to their vegan listings. Reasonably priced food that is always delicious. 

  10. Midori's Floating World Cafe

    It's on the pricier side but you get what you pay for in taste and experience. Japanese cuisine with a large variety of vegan options. The restaurant is relatively small but the atmosphere is wonderful. The food is served with care making the experience of it all just as enjoyable as the food itself. 

  11. Muddy Waters

    Their selection of vegan items is limited but the items they do have are so damn tasty they completely earn them a spot on the list. Their Tukon Fries may be my favorite appetizer out there. 

  12. Modern Times

    Resstaurant/cafe with a small but high quality menu (focusing on sandwiches) at a fair price and a majority of them can be made vegan. My favorite is the 2012, a mess of a sandwich topped with seitan, green peppers, mushrooms, onuons, jalapenos, spinach, tofu spread, and french fries! 

  13. Ginger Hop

    Another place where the vegan options are limited but those they have make a trip fully worth your time and money. How can you not want a Steven Segal? (Their version of a mock sloppy joe made with tempeh). Where "East meets Northeast" it is one of many gems located in Northeast Minneapolis. 

Although you cannot go wrong with any of these if you only choose one I'd steer you to Pizza Luce. The Mock Muffletta sandwhich may genuinely be the best thing I've ever eaten. 

These are my personal favorites but it is not an exhaustive list. There are so many that even a few years of living here I still have not hit them all.