The Best Products for Breastfeeding Moms

Published: November 14, 2013


Breastfeeding comes along with many benefits for both mother and child from being able to bond with your child during that time to being healthier overall for baby. But sometimes it's not as easy as it may seem to get the job done. These products can help make your job as a breastfeeding mama a little bit easier.



  1. A Healthy Diet

    So this isn't a product. However, what most mothers of breastfed babies don't realize is that their baby is that the baby is getting whatever nutrients are in their body when they breastfeed. Therefore, it's good to maintain a healthy diet so that both you and your little one will reap the benefits of your eating habits.

  2. Boppy Pillow

    A Boppy pillow is a good product to use, especially for mothers of breastfed babies. It's a half circular shaped pillow that can be used to assist in propping baby up on a mother's lap while breast feeding. It can also be used to help baby sit up as well as for tummy time.

  3. Breast Pump

    For the working mom who isn't always readily available to breastfeed her hungry infant, a breastpump can come in handy. Whether it be an electric pump or a manual pump, it's always good to pump your milk that way when others can also assist with feeding the baby when you're either busy or just too tired to breastfeed. 

  4. Milk Storage Containers

    Another handy tool for a busy mom who is always on the go is milk storage containers. These can be used to store pumped breast milk ahead of time. They can even be stored in the freezer for use at a later date.

  5. Breastmilk Production Supplements

    Low on breastmilk supply? There are several products on the market that can aid in stimulating breast milk production. Fenugreek is an herbal supplement rumored to smell like maple syrup but said to work very well in aiding in stimulation. Another product is Mother's Milk which is an herbal tea specifically made to promote healthy lactation.

  6. Nipple Guards

    Sometimes your nipples can become sore or sensitive while breastfeeding due either the baby sucking too hard or not latching onto your breast properly. This issue can be solved through use of nipple guards as a protective layer betwee your nipple and your baby's mouth.

  7. Nursing Cover

    When you're on the go running errands, sometimes you just don't have time to pump your breastmilk ahead of time. In that case you can use a nursing cover to breastfeed in public while still being discreet about what you're doing so that nobody is offending.

  8. Nursing Pads

    Many mother's deal with the issue of their breastmilk leaking, especially when their breasts become too engorged. While nursing pads won't stop the leaking from occuring they will, however, become a barrier to keep the milk from soaking through your clothing.