Top 10 Guard Dogs

Published: June 24, 2014

I LOVE animals.... I mean I REALLY LOVE ANIMALS. They are like people they breath and think just like we do. They have feelings and they express the same emotions that we do. I LOVE all animals I truly do. True Story, I cried when my mom tried to kill a roach (Weird... LOL) With so many breeds, So many wonderful animals Dogs alone might be "Mans Best Friend", But what kind of dog possess the right skills to dominate the competition? The fierce of the fierce, the tough of the tough whose gone stand up in the paint not tuck there tails and hide but exuberate there strengths and attributes. Fire, Hell, sleet or snow or maybe just somebody you don't know, whose up to the challenge to guard you and your family. Let's run down this list and see who is best suited for you. 

  1. American Akita

    Akitas are large dogs, males can weigh over 100 pounds, they have great body strength and willful temperments. Akitas do not bark without good reason (So when they bark PAY ATTENTION). Akitas are considered to be silent hunters without growls or noise. Akitas are natural guardians of the home and do not require any training to turn them into good guard dogs. Akitas are inherently aggresive towards other animals and also show aggression towards other male dogs (Needless to say these dogs should not be housed with other animals). One thing to keep in mind when beginning obedience training Akitas should be trained by there owners and never ever sent off to a school to have some one else train them. Weight 100-130lbs Height 26-28'

  2. BullMastiff

    The BullMastiff was bred to guard, and has the temperment suited for it. They are possessive, territorial, loyal dogs and have a good sense of who belongs and who does not belong on ones property. BullMastiffs are very impelled to STOP intruders but yet they are willing and able to accept those who are accepted by there master (Owner). BullMastiffs are very confident and fearless, a dog that will have no hesitation in protecting what they consider there own (Territory, Family and Friends) Weight 110-133lbs. Height 25-27'.

  3. Cane Corso

    Cane Corso's can weigh up to 120lbs big in size and in nature these dogs make great guard dogs. The Cane Corso which is also a breed of Mastiff is a complex/powerful dog which was bred to hunt big game and guard property. This dog is not recommended for first time dog owners and/or people who have only owned small/toy dogs. The Cane Corso is large, intelligent, active and headstrong. Keep in mind that no amount of socialization will make him/her friendly towards people other then who he/she considers family. The Cane Corso is first and foremost a guard dog and he/she takes her responsibility very seriously. Weight 99-120lbs Height24-27'.

  4. Doberman Pinscher

    Doberman Pinschers are well known for being sharp and some what sinister (Kind of erie to say the least) But believe it or not a good Doberman can be a stable/friendly dog (unless you threaten his/her family). The Doberman is one of the smartest dog breeds known for its stamina and speed. Bred to be guardians and in demand as a police and war dog Doberman Pinschers have an innate ability not only to protect his/her family but also to anticipate danger and threats, because they are so smart they are often never wrong. Weight 66-88lbs Height 26-28'

  5. American Staffordshire Terrier

    The American Staffordshire Terrier ia an intelligent, happy, outgoing, stable and confident dog (extremely courageous and intelligent guard dog). Often confused with the amercian pitbull terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier was bred for bear and bull fighting. There aggresive and protective nature makes them excellent guard dogs but require them to be prob. socializedand trained from an early age. Known to be great pets and only aggresive when it comes to protecting there loved ones, family and friends. Weight 54-67lbs Height 16-19'.

  6. Tibetian Mastiff

    Known as the most expensive dog in the world going for whooping 1.5 Million dollars the Tibetan Mastiff is a naturally protective and terriorial dog.  Which means he/she will guard your house, car, pets, property, family etc. The Tibetan Mastiff will be suspicious and reserved with new situations and people (A caged/fenced in yard is a MUST) The Tibetan Mastiff are extremely independent, stubborn nature and have a wondrous depth of intelligence and character. The Tibetan Mastiff is tolerant of children and other pets but should be with adult supervision. All though tolerant with kids and other pets Tibetan Mastiffs can be same-sex aggressive. Weight 140-220lbs. Height 25-28'

  7. German Shepherd

    German Shepherds are confident, bold and fearless. They are extremely intelligent and quick to pick up on and learn new commands, Thus making them a favorite police dog (Service Dog). German Shepherds normally have a very calm demeanor while in the home or with family, loved ones and friends but can quickly react when there home or family is threatened. Weight 77-85lbs Height 24-26'

  8. Rottweiler

    Orig. Bred for Cattle-Protecting dogs, Rottweilers are known to be very protectant of there pack (Family). Rottweilers are very intelligent and extremely loyal to there masters (Owners). They are known to be kind of standoffish when it comes to new people and meeting strangers (A proper intro needs to be made by the owner when introducing new people/things) They are very loyal and protectint of there masters and will defend its family fiercely if need be. weight 95-130lbs Height 24-27'

  9. kuvasv

    A Family dog the Kuvasv is very protective of his people and very suspicious of strangers. The Kuvasv thinks for his or her self and can be a challenge sometimes to train. Some Kuvasv can be overly protective and should be watched when with strangers, kids and other pets. A key reminder never ever let any one else reprimand your Kuvasv for if he feels that that person is not worthy of reprimanding him he will resent it. Because they are so intelligent, protective, and strong, it is especially important to socialize and train them at a very young age. Weight 70-114lbs. Height 26-30'

  10. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

    Warning...WARNING THIS IS NOT A FAMILY PET!!!!! Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are VERY strong willed, loyal and the true definition of FEARLESS dogs. They are formidable guard dogs who are only really suitable to protect Property such as large estates, in prison and by the military. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog will fiercely protect whoever they believe there family to be (Keep in mind that they will attack everyone else-Including friends) Still does that mean they are not lovable and can not be loved and or show love? NO. Just as any other pet they have the emotions and ability to love. As a member of your family provided that he/she has been well cared for and socialised, patience and attention has gone into his/her training you can be sure to receive unflatering loyalty, peace of mind from any intruders and total devotion from your Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

All in all I think all these dogs are great no matter there personality or ways they are special in the eyes of many. Me personally I would love (You HEAR me LOVE) to own a Tibetian Mastiff. I think they are so pretty I love the look the maine like a lion (WOW!!!) such a powerful and well respected dog as all these dogs are well respected. Only question left is who is right for you? Let me know.