10 Best Waterfalls to visit in the Asheville and surrounding area

Published: June 24, 2014

Do you love to hike and Bike? Would you like to see some great waterfalls in the Asheville area? Well look no further! Map these falls and you're sure to have a lovely experience :)

  1. High Falls, Dupont State Forrest NC

    This is a great hike, a beautiful view, and a nice roaring waterfall(after a nice rain is best) that can be accessed most of the year! It has many viewpoints and a nice drop for pictures and videos. The bridge at the top is quite tranquil. I rate this my most exciting waterfall in the area. Not to mention the 2 other falls you hike by to get here. Hooker Falls and Triple Falls.

  2. Hickory Nut Falls, Chimney Rock NC

    This particular waterfall is quite tall, easy to get to, and has splendid views. It's close to several other attractions in the area like Lake Lure and Chimney Rock itself (of course), with privacy you wouldn't expect.

  3. Looking Glass Falls, Brevard NC

    The easiest by far to reach. Very accessible (just drive up). This waterfall is one of the busiest waterfalls in the area due to its ease of access. 60 feet of water. A nice pool at the bottom you can wade in. Just nice. Bring your camera and your friends because you've got plenty of time to play at this fall!

  4. Hooker Falls, Dupont State Forest NC

    This waterfall doesn't look impressive until you get behind it. I love this about some waterfalls and my experience has said this is the best one to do it in. Bring a small yoga mat and experience the serene feeling you get when you hear the peaceful sound from Hooker Falls. Just be careful and do this at your own risk. It's still pretty slippery. You can fish in the pond for trout too :)

  5. Glen Falls, Highlands NC

    Glen Falls is a nice set of falls for someone who wants the full experience of a hike, and a spectacular waterfall. So, naturally this middleground waterfall deserves a middleground place in this list. Drive through Bridal Veil Falls, or walk behind Dry Falls to get here.

  6. Midnight Hole, Big Creek NC

    Not as big a waterfall one would really like, but the feature of this spot is where the water lands. A nice deep pond at the base of the fall is just what you need to cool off!

  7. Eastatoe Falls, Brevard NC

    By far the most difficult to find in this list (as the trail is found by entering private property), it is certainly one of the most beautiful. I came across this waterfall by chance after inquiring in downtown Brevard about any lovely falls to visit. Lets just say I was enchanted :)

  8. Linville Falls, Linville Falls NC

    Mile marker 316 on the Blue Ridge Parkway will lead you to Linville Falls. It is said that these falls yeild the most water in the area. 90 Feet tall and views that will wet your socks off!

  9. Graveyard Fields, Brevard? NC

    Mile marker 420 on the Blue Ridge Parkway is Graveyard fields. VERY popular, but for a VERY good reason! It is magnificent! 2 waterfalls reside on this trail and both are equally fun. There is so much to do out here you'll just have to see it for youself. I love the change of scenery this hike is compared to a lot of other hikes and sites in the area (has to do with fire and birds I believe). Enjoy!

  10. Rainbow Falls, Gorges State Park NC

    Rainbow Falls has a lot to offer for everyone! It has multiple views to choose from, and has a beautiful hike as well. Overall great waterfall to visit!

My top ten. But don't take my word for it! Go out there and see these for yourselves! Just remember to be careful out there people! Use your brains. If you'd like to see some general safety rules about waterfalls visit this page. http://www.kadamsphoto.com/nc_waterfalls/falls_safety.htm