Best Non-Seafood Restaurants in Mobile, AL

Published: June 23, 2014

If you live anywhere near the Gulf Coast you know that seafood is the reason to eat here. Many resturants loudly advertise the fresh catch daily and seafood gumba floods many a resturants' bowls. But maybe you're not a fan of the water based food, maybe you'd like to have a pizza, burger, or taco without the taste of the sea. Here are ten places in Mobile that are must eats if you'd like a little bit different local cusine. 


  1. Benjamins

    Benjamins is relatively new on the food scene here in Mobile, but they've wasted no time establishing themselves as one of the most interesting menus in town. The appitizers are awesome, think fried mac and cheese and conech sausage cheese cake and the salads are delightfull. The real heavy hitters on this menu are the burgers and sandwhiches. It starts with things that are fun like a pimento cheese and bacon crissant but spans the taste spectrum with a burger called the elvis with includes, marshmellow creme, mini reese's cups, bananas, french toast, and nutella.



  2. Fuego

    If you're looking for food that's more carefully thought out that your standard Tex-Mex that seems to run wild in Mobile, look no farther than Fuego. The menu is small but well executed and delicous. The ambience in the resturaunt is also different than many of the establishments in Mobile. These guys know how to present themselves as a higher quality restaurant.  And while the whole menu is amazing, the smoky salsa and warm tortilla chips you recieve at the beging of the meal are out of this world. This place exemplifies that fact that if you do simple things very well people take notice.

  3. Mellow Mushroom

    We know, we know, its a chain but all the locations in Mobile hold up. Their pizza is an awesome and their hummus is melt in your mouth amazing. With menu options that include Holy Shitake Pie, Red Potato Pie, and Mowie Wowie, you're sure to find something delicous and interesting. Locations also have a great local beer selection with an happy hour that can't be beat.

  4. Panini Pete's

    With its new location downtown and the homemade mozzerella that never disappoints, Panini Pete's is one of Mobile's most popular spots to eat breakfast and lunch. Their original location in Fairhope, AL was featured on Diners, Drive In, and Dives. Once you've tried one of their amazing beignets, you'll never have to make the trek to New Orleans for delicous powdered sugar covered dough again. They are pure heaven.


  5. The Hungry Owl

    From the moment you walk into this place you know it will be a great experience, even if the eyes of hundreds of owl art are staring you down. The menu here is uniquie bar food. They have a buffalo chicken dip that is served with rich blue cheese butter and warm pitas and nothing can beat thier bacon candy. Just reading their menu with make you hungrier than you've ever been. And not only does the food stand up, the also offer a wide selection of craft beers.


  6. Spot of Tea

    Spot of Tea offers up a huge menu that tastes like true home cooking. The portions are generous and the meals are full of rich ingredients. While their entire menu is great, going to brunch on a Saturday morning is an absolute treat. They set up tables in the Cathedral Park and you can enjoy your sweet tea while watching the world go by under the shade of the trees.

  7. Zea Rotisserie and Grill

    Zea's in a local chain but they serve up some amazing dishes that offer up some unique flavor. The Mediterrain Hummus is piled high with feta, olives, sun dried tomatoes, roma tomatoes, and roasted garlic. The open flame rotisserie give their meat a disctinct flavoring you won't get with any amount of marinade. While their entrees are delicous their sandwiches really shine. The extra care put into flavoring that meat shines through. Do yourself a favor and try the Sedona Chicken Panini. You won't regret it.



  8. Moe's Original Barbeque

    Walking into Moe's you always smell the distinct, smokey BBQ aroma. They serve meals on a paper plates and the entire experience feels like the most sophisticated picinic you can get. The corn bread melts in your mouth, the daily specials are always different, and their wings are the best you can get in Mobile. Because they smoke the wings before frying them they have consdierably more flavor and crispiness that your run of the mill wing. It also sports a large back room that will bring in bands and, of course, what's a barbeque without a game or two of cornhole.





  9. The Royal Scam

    The Royal Scam is a great place to geta semi-high class meal for a great price. The vibe inside is relaxed and sophisticated but the menu isn't pretentious. They serve anythign from gourment salads, crispy wings to a deligthful filet mignon. Enjoying a meal and a glass of wine here makes you feel classy but doesn't leave you broke.


  10. The Noble South

    The Noble South is a new contender in food landscape in Mobile. Their hip downtown locations and fun decor makes them stand out in this little city. Their menu is in someways a demenstration of classic southern cuisine, but they add their own twist to make flavors that are different and amazing. It's very rare that you'll find a place that will dare to put a deviled egg on the menu. They did it, and they mean it. The Noble South also keeps things as local as possible. The food you eat there could be from a farm close enough for you to visit. The freshness and flavor of local is hard to come by in Mobile, this little gem is trying to be a positive influence. 

Depending on your taste or mood the order of this list iw always up for debate. If you want to really enjoy Mobile and not be constantly reminded of the looming Gulf seafood, try any or all of these resturants. Even if you've got a hunger for the little sea devils most of theses stops have seafood options. They're all options that a non-seafood person and a pro-seafood person can have a meal without one feeling hungry and/or sad.