The Best Housecleaners in Southeast Missouri

Published: June 22, 2014

This list is about people and groups of people in Southeast Missouri who clean houses for other people.

The people on this list will be judged based on the following attributes:

1) Cost of service              

2) The quality of the service based on personal observation

3) Customer satisfaction in the form of reviews, reputation

4) Quantity of services

Each person or group will be given 1 to 4 points for each attritbute.

  1. B & R Cleaning LLC

    They earned all the points for each of the attributes.  They have the lowest costs for the amount of services that they provide.  They have the best results judging from the private homes and business offices that they clean.  They have the best reviews and reputation in the area.  And they offer seven specific services, most of which are themselves multiple services.  As shown below, they are known for cleaning parts of a room that other house cleaners miss.


  2. SERVPRO Residential Cleaning Services

        3        4                       3                      4            14

    This company is a franchise of a major brand of cleaning system.  As such, they are trained in the use of that system to clean homes. Their costs are controlled by the parent company, and are a little higher than other services in the area, but they do provide an excellent value for the types of services they offer. The training from their parent company results in fairly consistent and high quality results.  Customer reviews are mostly positive with a few that were less than perfect.  They offer a fairly-wide spectrum of services, although not as many as other cleaners in the area.

  3. Top To Bottom Cleaning Service Inc

    The costs are high for the area, although, better than about half of the other cleaners listed here.  The quality of their service is not as high from what I have observed as the more highly-trained services.  Customer satisfaction, however, keeps the company in business--largely due to repeat business. As the name implies, this group of cleaners offers plenty of services, more than many of the cleaners on this list.

  4. - Poplar Bluff Housekeepers

    This is a loose group of house cleaners that functional as a pool of available workers that share a common web page for advertising and marketing.  The cost of their services is comparable to other house cleaners in the area, but they do not provide as many services as other companies making it less of a value.  In addition, it is a random chance whether the cleaner that comes to your house will be one of the better ones in the pool.  Customer satisfaction, according to their reviews and word-of-mouth in the community, is very high, which keeps them in business.  But, as I mentioned, they only offer the basic services--although, some of them will do more than others.

  5. Helping Hands Household Services LLC

    This company offers personalized contracts with long-time customers.  The cost of their services are high, but that is the price of personalized service.  The quality of their services is also high, but not as high as others in the area.  The majority of reviews and rumors suggest a similar B-level in terms of customer happiness.  They offer an unlimited number of services, which is one of their chief virtues.

  6. Merry Maids of Southeast MO

    Based out of Cape Girardeau, these house cleaners have a wider market.  The cost of their service is a fair value for the amount of service, and personalized care that they give.  The quality of their services is also fair, judging from the various homes that I have seen, as well as the repeat business that they command.  The reviews online are all glowing, but their offline reputation in some communities borders on average.  They offer a nearly unlimited number of services due to their personalized contracts with various clients.

  7. Arda Terrys Janitorial

    This is one person who provides services to a limited number of clients.  The costs are fair, although more competitive perhaps than the quantity of services provided calls for.  The quality of the services is also fair and comparable to the other cleaners in the region.  The reviews are few, of course, but are usually good to glowing.  The number of services is necessarily limited.

  8. E And R Janitorial

    This is also a company of one.  The cost of the service is comparable to other companies in the region.  However, the lower quality of the service, based on the amount of repeat business, makes the cost less of a value.  The few reviews and comments indicate that customer satisfaction is fair.  Like all the one-person cleaners, the number of services is limited.

  9. Poplar Bluff Chemical & Janitorial Supply

    Cleaning house is a sideline for this cleaning supplies business.  The costs are about average to high for the area.  The quality of the services provided is also average, although they are in and out quickly.  They have fair to above average customer satisfaction, partially due to always having all the supplies they need.  They do not provide many cleaning services.

  10. Janiece's Cleaning

    This is another one-person cleaning operation.  The costs seem to be average to low.  The quality of the services is the lowest according to people who have used other cleaners.  However, there are enough satisfied customers to keep the business going, and the people that stay, claim that the service has a high value to them.  Due to the limits of being a one-person crew, the number of services is fewer than average.

B & R Cleaning LLC does a good job marketing and advertising their services.  They are also well-supervised crews that do not leave until the level of quality that their company is known for has been met.  There seems to be plenty of house cleaners in the area, judging from this list, but the number is actually rather low.  There are many other cleaners in the area that do not provide a high-quality service and/or charge way too much.   The companies on the above list show up when expected, work until they are finished, and leave those homes happy.