The Best of Snacks for the Dorm

Published: June 20, 2014


As college students, we are normally bound to a small budget of which we must purchase books, supplies, items for our room, and most importantly… snacks. Snacks come in handy when the cafeteria is closed and you just do not have the desire, time, or funds to go to a restaurant. Included in these times are preparation for tests such as finals or midterms, late night study sessions in your room, last minute homework doing, etc. So to help out with this issue, I have compiled a list of tasty snacks that are light on the wallet, but heavy on satisfaction. (Note: This list is not in any particular order.)


  1. Ramen Noodles

    Yes that is correct, I said ramen noodles, the stereotypical snack food of college students. While common it is hard to deny the benefits of the ramen noodles. They are extremely cheap and go a good way towards satisfying hunger. Plus they come in a plethora of flavors such from the classics beef and chicken to the not so common picante chicken and lime chili. In addition to their assortment of flavors, ramen noodles can be cheap ingredients in a host of recipes such chicken and noodles (Recipe below). These are non-perishable as long as they are not cooked.


    Chicken and Noodle Recipe




    1 Package Ramen Noodles Beef Flavor


    ½ Cup Frozen Precooked Chicken Strips




    Empty Ramen into a bowl and cover with water. Next Microwave this on 2 minutes. Remove the noodles from the microwave and stir in the seasoning and chicken. Next heat for another 2 minutes. Let cool and serve.


  2. Cereal

    Once you enter college, cereal is not just for breakfast anymore, no it becomes an anytime snack. Cereal is a convenient snack that can be enjoyed in milk or dry out of the box. I can come in a variety of flavors and can also be a cheap snack. Another benefit of cereal is that it is a snack that can satisfy our sweet tooth and it does not hurt that it goes well with yogurt. These are non-perishable as long as they are not opened.

  3. Crackers

    Bread has often been used to help fill the hungry partakers of a meal. It also good for snack to bridge meals. Crackers are an excellent choice of snack for the college student because of the variety of types and flavors the come in. Crackers can also be used as a supplement for other snacks in the case of extreme hunger. Or if the student so desires, they can be used in hors d’oeuvres. These are non-perishable as long as they are not opened.

  4. Mac N' Cheese (Microwave Cups)

    The cheesy delicacy in a microwavable cup brings a new meaning to convenience and tastiness. It is a nice break from the ramen noodles and other snacks when they get to be too much and let’s face it, a lot of us love Mac n’ Cheese. It is an easy and quick fix that will leave your taste buds and stomach feeling satisfied. These are non-perishable as long as they are not cooked.

  5. Vienna Sausages

    While not always on the forefront of things to get for college, this snack brings the satisfaction of having a meaty snack that does not expire and is inexpensive. Vienna sausages do only function as a snack, but if paired with other items such as Mac n’ cheese or Ramen Noodles, (Possibly with some crackers as well) it can serve as a makeshift meal to help students until they can get there next meal or if they had to skip one. Also to highlight, Vienna sausages are non-perishable, so as long as they are not opened, they can be kept for an indefinite amount of time, with means no “Is this stuff still good?” questions are necessary.

  6. Fruit and Berries

    While not non-perishable like the previous items on this list, fruits and berries are definitely something the college student should try to keep in stock if possible. Fruits and berries are one of the dorm snacks that offer the satisfaction of doubling as a snack and a dessert. In addition, fresh fruits and berries are a healthy snack that can provide some useful things such as vitamin C and potassium and healthy snacks can be hard to come by in a college student’s diet.



  7. Yogurt

    A nice compliment to two previous items on the list (Fruit and Berries / Cereal), yogurt can turn out to be quite the healthy and satisfying snack. Providing some dairy in the college student diet, yogurt offers a multitude of flavors for students to pick from as well as satisfaction for a raging sweet tooth.


  8. Nuts

    Back to the non-perishables (if you do not open them) with nuts. Nuts can be a healthy snack in the college student diet and a nice compliment to three previous items (Yogurt / Fruit and Berries / Cereal). Nuts are a snack that gives of a nice crunch and go to work against nagging hunger. Nuts are ideal for munching on when you are at your desk face deep in studying or if you are taking a study break to watch a movie.

  9. Chips

    Yes you knew they were coming. Chips are by far on of the most popular snacks that are. With a large variation and nicely priced bulk buying available, chips are likely to find themselves on a college student’s shopping list. While not necessarily a healthy snack, they do come through in times of need with their nice assortment of flavors and ability to fight the munchies. Plus they are they come in handy if you have the time to watch the game in your room.

  10. Popcorn

    Arguably almost as popular as chips, the movie theater classic can also bring a satisfying punch to hunger in the dorm room. Coming in a wide assortment of flavors from kettle corn to the classic buttered popcorn, popcorn gives students a chance to enjoy themselves without braking the bank and saving the taste buds.


It is my hope that this list helps the college students who are for looking for cheap snacks to keep in their dorm rooms. These items are put on the list because they offer an advantage of some nature. The majority of the list either offers a wide variety of flavors or versions. This is because when you live in the dorm, you may not have a chance to have a variety and can get burnt out on snacks if they do not offer a variety.