6 Reasons you need to hire a personal stylist

Published: February 16, 2021

Have you always wanted to coordinate your visual aesthetics in line with the entirety of the latest fashion? Ever wish for someone to compile your wardrobe as such to make you look iconic every day? Well, if ‘Yes’ is what you have in mind, then you need to hire a personal stylist right now! 

A personal stylist not only channelizes your existing wardrobe in a manner that compliments the world of fashion and your sense of self but also assists you with the millions of other suits that follow. They curate your look down to every aspect such as establishing personal connections with retailers, and much more. 

A personal stylist aligns themselves in such a manner that it enables them to gain insight into your style and create a style guide so unique and true to your sense of self that it leaves you feeling more in sync with your inner self. 

Now, here’s how a personal stylist will help you transform-

A learning experience 

A personal stylist will not only help you recognize your style quotient but also your own body. They are uniquely equipped in identifying looks that will accentuate your frame. They help you feel comfortable and empowered in your skin. 

Perform colour analysis

Colours are closely linked with emotions and perception. Different colours evoke different feelings and have the power to let others imprint. 

A personal stylist channelizes the power of colours and coordinates your wardrobe in line with those that match your very own colour palette. If you hire a personal stylist, they will also perform a colour analysis in line with the colouring of your hair, skin, and eyes and create a colour palette just for you. 

Style development process

A personal stylist does not work autonomously as they take into careful consideration each and all of your desires or goals. They also help you formulate your goals in line with ongoing trends, your colour palette, and your body type. They allow you to find your style instead of nudging you towards fast fashion. 

Saves you time, energy, and money 

A personal stylist is best equipped to handle all your styling woes and keep you runway-ready every day. If you hire a personal stylist, you don’t have to worry about the following – 

taking out time for shopping spending recklessly on impulse buys that will eventually land up in your closet in the no-use category wasting your energy curating looks each time you step out of the house etc.  

Boosts your sense of self

We all have days when our outfit is on point, our hair falls into place, and our makeup is precisely done -just how we wanted it to be. And these are the days we feel the best about ourselves. Now, if you hire a personal stylist, each day will be like that. A personal stylist will help you discover the real ‘you’ and empower you to embrace your unique style. 

Develops a functional wardrobe

A personal stylist will first start with decluttering your wardrobe and work towards creating new looks from your existing outfits. Hiring a personal stylist will take the stress out of shopping indefinitely and bring the ease of access to your fingertips. They will even help you create looks for special events by leveraging their retail ties. 

A personal stylist will transform you inside and out as they will provide you with a unique take on fashion and get you out of any redundancy that might have been in place. If you are dressed impeccably, you will feel more confident in your style and yourself. 

Why hire Kajal?

Kajal has an elaborate experience working with mega-retailers and has been catering her exceptional services as a personal stylist for over six years now. She specializes in colour analysis and offers a diverse range of expertise. She is an extremely professional individual and allows her clients to express their concerns and works towards finding optimal solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with our executives to book a session now!

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