The Best Painters in the Yucca Valley & 29 Palms Area

Published: June 18, 2014

Painting a house can transform it into a home.  Some of us are not too handy with a brush, so it is worthwhile to hire professional painters to do the best job for you.  This list provides a number of professional painters offering exemplary services in Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Twentynine Palms, and the surrounding area.  The most important characteristics of these businesses are a solid reputation, excellent work, and fair pricing practices.  These companies have extremely positive reviews from past clients.  Depending on your specific needs, this list can provide you with the perfect painter for your remodeling and/or redecorating project.

  1. All American Wallpaper Hanger & Wallpaper Remover & Paperhanger & Painter

    All American Wallpaper Hanger & Painter offers clients a clean, fast, and friendly service.  Not only is this a great company for painting, but they also are professional wallpaper removers and installers.  Local clients describe their services and employees as very hardworking and professional.  If you are looking to remove old, ugly wallpaper and replace it with something new and beautiful, All American Wallpaper & Painter is an excellent choice.

  2. Superior Painters

    Superior Painters offers potential clients a reasonable quote with a simple phone call.  The owner, Bill Lagrasso, is available anytime for free estimates to customers.  Past customers describe Superior Painters as good communicators who are honest and trustworthy.  Customers were very satisfied with Bill's friendliness and dedication to customer satisfaction.  The free estimates are most likely going to please you as well because customers attest to their lower estimates as compared to other companies.

  3. Yu 1 Painting

    Yu 1 Painting has over 19 years of experience in commercial and residential services including painting.  The company offers free estimates that promise not to disappoint.  Also, Yu 1 provides references to interest customers.  They are also insured and bonded, giving customers real peace of mind.  Yu 1 Painting also offers seasonal specials so give them a call to check on current specials.

  4. Abet Handyman Services

    Abet Handyman Services has an exemplary track record of providing top quality home repair and maintenance services which shines through in their positive reviews from enthusiastic clients.  Abet offers customers professional and friendly service.  All their work is personally guaranteed by the company to meet the client's expectations.  Abet is accredited by the CSLB and licensed and insured by the Preferred Contractors Insurance Company.  The company also ensures that clients receive the proper building permits to get the job done right.  A free estimate from Abet is a phone call away.

  5. Alex B Painting

    Owner Alex Baneulos operates this company which has received sparkling reviews from past clients.  No job is too small for this company.  They can complete painting projects as small as a bedroom or as large as a whole house.  Past clients praise Alex B Painting for their quick and reasonable quotes.  They are also given top ratings for quick and professional work, while cleaning up any mess leftover when finished.  Alex B Painting aims to please their clients and wants to complete jobs to their customer's satisfaction.

  6. Jose Valencia Painting

    Jose Valencia Painting is a full service, family owned company whose specialty is high-end custom painting and remodeling.  They offer expert painting services which can meet the needs of even the most discerning clients.  Upscale home decorating projects are best left in the hands of this company also as they specialize in this area.  They are equipped to complete large scale projects, such as apartment complexes.  Paying specific attention to detail, Jose Valencia Painting is a good choice for anyone looking to renovate a particularly precious historic home or upscale space.

  7. C & M Painters, Inc.

    Customer satisfaction and attention to detail are the top service priorities for this local painting company.  C & M Painters specialize in attentive customer service.  This company is known for giving their all to complete a job perfectly to customers standards.  Although they appear to be a newer company, C & M Painters is recommended from past clients and growing.  You can call C & M Painters, Inc. for a free and reasonable quote.

  8. Premier Painters

    Premier Painters has over 10 years of experience providing top quality painting services in the High Desert area.  This company offers competitive pricing so they can beat quotes from other companies.  They also personally guarantee that their customers will be satisfied with the professional work of their company.  Other specialties include drywall and plaster if you have a bigger remodeling job or repairs that are needed also. 

  9. Rich's Painting

    Rich's Painting claims they will and can paint anything.  They are experts at matching stucco and different wall textures as well.  Offering clients an above-and-beyond experience, Rich's Painting promises to properly prep the space and walls before painting.  Each step of the process is carefully executed.  With over 30 years of painting experience, there is not a type of paint job this company cannot complete.  This company emphasizes that they can complete projects with any paint, including oil and metallic paints.  If you have textured walls, stucco walls, or want to complete a unique and ambitious decorating project, call Rich's Painting today.

  10. Ron Perfect & Company

    Started in 2006, this local company has built its reputation and customer base offering top quality service and workmanship with honest customer service.  They personally guarantee all their work for 5 years.  Ron Perfect & Company aims to complete your tasks in a professional and timely manner too.  Clients can also come to this company with any light handyman needs such a baseboards and crown molding to finish off that new painting job in style. 

There are clearly several great and professional companies to choose from for your painting needs in the High Desert of California.  Offering customers insured work are top choices such as Abet Handyman Services and Yu 1 Painting.  These two companies are very safe bets.  If you need to complete a larger project, such as a multi-family structure or office building, give Jose Valencia Painting a call.  This company also offers upscale painting services the msot discerning customers.  If matching complicated wall textures or using unique paints is your thing, Rich's Painting can make that vision come true.  Receiving high praises from past customers are companies like Alex B Painting and Superior Painters who offer customers exactly what they want from start to finish.  All of these companies are awarded positive reviews for friendliness so do not hesitate to call around and get free estimates to determine who is the best fit (and value) for your painting needs.