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Published: June 14, 2014

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Do you love Scentsy as much as I do? What about when it comes time to order and you still don't know what you want most because EVERYTHING is so fantastic? Well, I've taken all the favorite Scentsy products of my customers and mine to compile a list and put them all in one convenient place! From warmers, to combine-and-save deals, to items, and favorite scents, this is the list to go to when you just can't decide what to order! 

  1. 6 Pack of Bars

    All my customers LOVE the Buy 5 Get One FREE deal. 6 Bars for twenty-five dollars is awesome. They can get all their favorite scents at one low price. Almost every order I get includes at least one of these deals. This is Scentsy's most popular combine-and-save deal when it comes purly to ordering wax. No one can pass up getting free product or getting the ggreat variety this offers.

    If you're interested in ordering a 6 Pack of Bars visit

  2. Plug In Warmers

    These are the most convenient, cost friendly warmers Scentsy has to offer and everyone seems to rave about them! Available in many different designs, everyone can find one they love to match their decor. They are great bathroom or kitchen night lights too! Also, just like all authentic Scentsy warmers, when used properly they(and the wax) never get hot enough to burn you or your kids.


    If you're interested in ordering a Plug In Warmer visit

  3. Scent Circle

    Nobody likes a stinky, fast food smelling car. Unfortunately though, it's hard to find a solution or long lasting car freshener. But that's why people love the Scentsy Scent Circles! Available in all the Scentsy scents, everyone can find a Scent Circle they love to keep their car smelling good all the time. They're very affordable and last a long time too! So look no further and get your favorite scents in Scent Circles. 

    If you're interested in ordering Scent Circles visit

  4. Washer Whiffs

    If customers are making their own laundry detergent or just want to add extra yummy scents to their laudnry loads, the washer whiffs get the job done and then some! Scentsy's formula is safe for sensitive skin and allergies so everyone can have delicious, clean smelling sheets, towels, and clothes. The Washer Whiffs make it so easy! I can't imagine doing laudnry any other way!

    If you're interested in ordering Washer Whiffs visit

  5. Room Spray

    Everyone loves the convenience of room sparay without the yucky after smell that sometimes comes with sprays from the store. Use Room Spray after cleaning the house to get rid of the nasty chemical smells or in the bathrooms, or if you have pets like me we always use it where they spend the most time to make our whole house smelling good all the time! Plus, one spray per room and the whole house smells amazing all day so one thing lasts forever.

    If you're interested in ordering Room Spray visit

  6. Charitable Cause

    This product changes every catalog season but everyone is always wanting to support Scentsy's chosen charities! From breast cancer awareness, to March of Dimes, to autism awareness, Scentsy always offers the best warmers, buddies, or other products to fulfill your needs and raise money for important causes around the world. If every customer purchased a charitable cause item, Scentsy and it's customers would make a tidal wave of difference to these charities!

    If you're interested in ordering for Scentsy's Charitable Cause you can currently order Roosevelt Rabbit to support the March of Dimes foundation. Please visit

  7. Scentsy Companion System

    This is the most popular deal for Scentsy newbies! It includes a full size warmer, a plug in warmer, and 3 bars of wax and saves you money. You can choose from any warmers or scents in the catalog and get a great mix of products to introduce your home and family to the wonderful world of Scentsy. If you're just being introduced to Scentsy or want to expand your warmer collection I highly reccommend this combine and save deal!

    If you're interested in ordering a Scentsy Companion System or other combine and save deals visit

  8. A Wink & A Smile

    Ever since this scent was introduced into the catalog I've had non-stop orders. It's delicous fragrence is a combination of fresh tulips, blooming daffodiles, and plummy lemonade. A light, sweet scent, it has everyone asking for more, more, more! Thankfully if comes in bars, scent circles, room spray, and scent paks so that everyone can get a little Wink and a Smile.

    If you're interested in ordering products that smell like A Wink & A Smile visit

  9. Skinny Dippin'

    A timeless favorite, the SKinny Dippin' scent is made of green apples, juicy pears, and refreshing melons. It has a quarky name that grabs everyone's attention and an amazing aroma that reels you in. I always have customers ordering this fantastic fragrence in all their favorite items be it wax, lotion, hand soap, etc. Everyone needs to try this scent out at least once.

    If you're interested in ordering products that smell like Skinny Dippin' visit

  10. Scent/Warmer of the Month

    Every month Scentsy comes out with a new warmer and scent and sell them at 10% off for the whole month. Consultants and customers are always excited see and smell Scentsy's surprises every month! And Scentsy NEVER disappoints. The Scent'Warmer of the month are always festive and delicous! Plus who can pass up 10% off?!

    If you're interested in ordering the Scent and/or Warmer of the Month please visit

  11. Bring Back My Bar

    Twice a year you can vote for your favorite scents that have been discontinued from the catalog. After all the votes are tallied Scentsy narrows it down to 20 scents and makes them available for order. Everyone looks forward to voting for their favorites and take this great opportunity to stock up on them before they go back in the vault! 

    If you're interested in voting or ordering Bring Back my Bar scents please visit

I've listed a lot of the the things that consultants and customers alike LOVEabout Scentsy and this isn't even half of what Scentsy has to offer!! But, if you're struggle with what you should order this list is the perfect tool to decide what's the best!

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Happy Shopping!!

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