The Best Gluten-free Packaged Desserts

Published: June 12, 2014


I started reacting to foods when I was in my late teens, but I didn’t attribute my multiple strange symptoms to the things I ate until I was much older, however. Some strange symptoms that I have experienced as a result of foods and environmental toxins are:  headaches, all-over joint and muscle pain, brain fog, or the inability to think clearly, fatigue and many more. Most doctors simply blew me off or informed me that I suffered from depression or anxiety.

When I was in my twenties, I ate so many unhealthy things it wasn’t funny. When my husband and I first got together, we frequented restaurants like White Castle, a local Broasted Chicken establishment, as well as Coney Island, among others. When one of the many doctors that I went to for the strange symptoms that had plagued me for years instructed me to try eliminating gluten from my diet, I thought I was absolutely going to die. Eliminating gluten from my diet would mean eliminating nearly everything that I loved. No more greasy White Castle burgers, no more crispy broasted chicken, and no more gooey biscuits and gravy or perfectly shaped pancake breakfasts at Coney Island.

My husband and I both grieved the loss of our delicious goodies, because he ate what I ate, but we soon learned to enjoy eating a healthier diet that consisted of more home cooked meals. Avoiding gluten was making a big difference in how I felt, and I didn’t want to feel bad again. We quickly learned that eating gluten-free didn’t have to mean we were destined to eat chewy, cardboard-like foods that tasted similar to eating a pair of sneakers. Unfortunately some of the prepackaged gluten-free foods we tried in the beginning did taste pretty bad. I remember taking a bite of a very expensive chocolate chip cookie that had the consistency of sand and a taste that was not very pleasant. Thank goodness packaged gluten-free products have improved a great deal since then, and I have been lucky enough to discover quite a few pretty delicious gluten-free desserts. Most of these desserts are so good that I literally have to hide them because my family will quickly gobble them up, totally ignoring their Oreos or other “regular” foods.



Here is a list of some of the absolute best gluten-free packaged dessert that you are almost guaranteed to love as much as my family do, especially if you’re a big fan of dessert like I am. They are rated by taste as well as texture.

  1. Betty Crocker Gluten-free Brownie

    This is your regular boxed brownie mix, although this particular kind is sans the gluten. It also has no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors, which to me is a definite plus. This mix is easily mixed with a few other ingredients before tossing it into the oven. These brownies turn out so delicious that my husband and two boys absolutely love them. My family loves these brownies so much that when I bought “regular” brownie mix and prepared them for dessert, they said they no longer liked the “regular” kind and only wanted the gluten-free kind.

  2. Enjoy Life Caramel Apple Chewy Bars

    For people who thought eating gluten-free meant no more good-tasting snack bars, they are terribly wrong.I used to eat one of these delicious bars for my snack on a daily basis, until I decided to switch up a bit. Not only do these bars taste great, but the consistency is absolutely perfect.

  3. Udi’s Gluten-free Blueberry Muffins

    These muffins are large, so it’s up to you whether you want to eat them for breakfast, as a snack or dessert, but either way, they taste divine. The slight lemony taste along with the sugar sprinkles on top and the blueberries make them to die for. And of course my family heartily agrees.Unlike “regular” blueberry muffins of the same size, these muffins are below three hundred calories!

  4. Rice Dream

    When I first heard of this product, I was sure it was going to taste pretty crappy, but I was pleasantly surprised. Vanilla and chocolate Rice Dream both taste absolutely delicious and neither flavor tastes any different than regular dairy ice cream.

  5. Udi’s Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies

    These cookies taste so much better than any gluten containing cookie I’ve ever had, in any flavor. The taste and consistency is perfect and not gritty and disgusting like gluten free products I’ve had the displeasure of trying in the past. I could serve these to guests and they would gobble them up and never know the difference.


  6. Kinnikinnick Vanilla Glazed Donuts

    The first time I tried these wonderful donuts, I had to double check the package to make sure they really were gluten-free. They tasted so amazing that I could have sworn I was eating a Krispy Crème donut. I very rarely buy these because I refuse to have them in my house due to the fact that I eat too many of them.

  7. Glutino Gluten-free Chocolate Wafers

    These crispy little cookies/wafers are so delicious that I didn’t even believe they were gluten-free in the beginning. They remind me of Kit Kat bars, one of my previous gluten-containing favorites.

  8. Enjoy Life Foods Rice Milk Chocolate Bar Dairy Free

    One thing that I really missed after leaving my old diet behind was a good chocolate bar. Of course not all candy bars are gluten-containing, but it seemed as if all my favorites contained gluten. This candy bar tastes exactly like a normal candy bar. Other people must think that these taste great as well, because the grocery store where I purchase them runs out very frequently.  

  9. Katz Gluten Free Cinnamon Rugelech

     I first tried these when I ordered a free gluten-free sample package from the Katz website. My family and I were surprised when we realized how buttery and delicious these mini cinnamon rolls were. We actually argued over who was going to eat the last one and my 7-year-old ate the last one when no one was looking.
  10. Van's Gluten-free Strawberry & Peanut Butter Bars

    I absolutely love peanut butter and jelly, and these bars taste great and allow me to allow peanut butter and jelly without getting sick like I did when I ate gluten. Thank goodness I found a great health food store near me that offers these wonderful bars for sale.

If I had to choose which one of these delectable desserts was the absolute best, it would be pretty difficult. I suppose if I absolutely had to choose, I’d pick # 6, Kinnikinnick Vanilla Glazed Donuts. I choose these as the absolute best because they don’t merely taste similar to Krispy Crème donuts, but they actually taste better and they are gluten-free and all natural. Despite choosing these donuts as my favorite, all of the desserts on this list are amazing, and I am proud to be on a gluten-free diet, because if I hadn't been I would have never discovered these wonderful goodies