Best Fox Cities, WI Locations for Photo Shoots

Published: June 11, 2014

Having frequented many places looking for the perfect location to take a photo and to photograph families, this is a list of the top ten places that I feel are the best locations for photography sessions. The scenic details of each location make them unique in their own rights, and give the photos that little touch of extra.

  1. 1000 Islands Enviromental Center, Kaukauna

    This charming location is located in the heart of Kaukauna and one of Kaukauna's biggest assets. The widing paths that take you on a scenic walk along the Fox River have provided many spots for photos. As the seasons change the photos tell different stories. In Spring, as you walk along the trails you can often see wildlife up close and personal. Benches and bridges along the walk are great stops as you make your way through this location. So peaceful, you will forget you were still in the city.

  2. Smith Park, Menasha

    Smith Park has the 4 things I adore in a photography location. Gazeboo, bridges, water, and weeping willows make this place a total catch all for beautiful photos. Located next to the river this charming location also comes with a building (which is available to rent out for weddings) that has amazing steps off the back. Perfect for posing the families, or wedding party.

  3. Doty Park, Neenah

    This park has a lot of character. Staying true to the area it has weeping willow trees, water, and of course 2 amazing stone bridges. Frequent stops for bridal parties for their photographs, but simple enough for a fun family shoot. Also located on the grounds are various flowers, and a building that makes for a fun background.

  4. High Cliff State Park, Sherwood

    This state park features amazing scenery. From stone walls, dirt paths with tree canopies, or the beach next to Lake Winnebago you have a variety of choices! A popular spot among high school seniors and engagement sessions. The park is large, so to take it all in knowing your locations is key. There is an upper and lower part to the park, each offering unique scenery.

  5. Grignon Mansion, Kaukauna

    The simpliest of locations, but with many options brings us here. The Grignon Mansion. A beautiful white house with a fenced in property provides just that touch of flair to your photos. The property is open for the public to walk around, so don't be shy! Behind the house are some wooden stables which add a little bit of rustic feel to your photos. Don't forget to walk up the hill down the road because at the top is an amazing abandoned railroad bridge. Very awesome location for senior sessions. Just across the road from the house is a waterwheel which also provides just that touch of flair you need. Seems like a simple, "just a house" location, but wander around and you will find this place to provide more than you think.

  6. Lawe Street Rail Road Bridge, Appleton

    Located in downtown Appleton, this beautiful abandoned railroad bridge gives the rustic feel you are looking for in the city. Great for all types of sessions this location is a must stop on your photography journey.

  7. Riverside Park, Neenah

    Parks along rivers are beatiful, and this one is nothing short. Located on the river, this provides endless season changing backgrounds for you. Just a short drive from Smith Park and Doty Park this is a must stop on your Neenah/Menasha area tour!

  8. Memorial Park, Appleton

    Memorial Park is one of those locations where knowing where you are is key. There are a lot of different areas that can be used for photography, the main one being the gardens. Perfect for hosting a wedding, but simple and beautiful enough for family photos. Cute flower trellis and stone bridges make this location a unique stop. In the mood for something more modern? A larger bridge connects a parking lot and a playground for kids. Catch it at the right angle and you won't see the playground and it makes a beautiful photo location.

  9. City Park, Appleton

    This is your stop if you are looking for the more "city" feel rather than scenic. Benches at the park surrounding the fountain are a great "snuggle" spot for couples for photos. The beautiful large trees add a charm to this park where just about any session can benefit. Take a short walk down from this park and you are at the #10 location!

  10. Lawrence University, Appleton

    A short walk from the #9 spot is another charming area full of city character. Large vintage buildings make for fabulous drops. A rustic pretty bridge connects two sections adding some photo charm. Stop by the church on the corner with the red door! It's a favorite spot for weddings because it adds a touch of color. If "city life" is your style this little area is full of options.

While I feel 1000 Islands Enviromental Center is the best area for photos, I know all these locations hold their own charm and character. No matter what type of session you are shooting, you really can't argue the Fox Cities has some amazing scenery and beautiful locations to capture your moments in.