The best fantasy books for young adults

Published: November 14, 2013

What is more exciting than diving into a new world full of incredible characters, creatures, and adventures?  Reading with the aid of a developed imagination will grant you hours of love, tears, intrigue, and action that can never be fully captured in a film.  So read below as I outline the top three best fantasy books for young adults!


  1. Dragonriders of Pern Series by Anne McCaffrey

    If you are looking to fully immerse yourself in an incredibly delightful world, then the Dragonriders of Pern book series is the answer!  The vivid descriptions of landscapes and events will transport you into the rhythm and beauty of Pern.  This series tells the tale of a newly colonized planet named Pern and how the inhabitances learn to face and overcome the challenges of their new surroundings.  The characters are developed to a degree that they feel like personal friends and you will rise and fall with the Dragons as they soar through skies with their riders.


  2. The Cloudmages Trilogy by S.L. Farrell

    The Cloudmages Trilogy (Holder of Lightning, Mage of Clouds, and Heir of Stone) takes a new twist on fantasy as it tells the story of the Aurore Family as they learn to control and utilize the power held within their mage stones.  This great power results in some major political repercussions that end up rocking the family’s foundations through betrayal and murder.  While the political side of the story is described, the Cloudmages series never seems to lose its momentum as it described clashing battles, family bonds, and the motives that drive all of us!

  3. The Lord of the Ring Trilogy by J. R. Tolkien

    Yes, we’ve all heard of the Lord of the Rings series and most likely have seen the moves, but don’t let that stop you from actually reading the books!  They are the quintessential essence of a fantasy universe and characters.  From the logical fickle elves, to the burly dwarves, wizard, and comical hobbits, The Lord of the Rings has it all.  The purely black evil of Mordor is hard to beat!  Books have the ability to create a much more complete picture of a story than is ever possible in a movie!  Then, if you love the trilogy as much has I do, then go on to read the Silmarillion and Lost Tales books.


I have designated the Dragonriders of Pern series as number one on the list, not because its necessarily better written then say Tolkien’s work, but because of its ability to fully engage your imagination and let you fall into the world of Pern.  The Cloudmages trilogy is faster passed than Lord of the Rings and contains more violence and will keep you guessing at every turn.  At the end of the day, The Lord of the Rings is the classic all time standard for fantasy books and I will never tire of re-reading them.  So go read a book and engage the adventure!!