The Top 10 Places to Eat in Northwest Ohio

Published: June 10, 2014

This list is about the top 10 places I've eaten near the greater Toledo area in Ohio.

If you are looking for excellent dining look no further, because this is it. This would best suit a travelr on the go or locals. I highly recommend visiting at least one of these gems on the list. 

  1. Yamato Steakhouse of Japan

    This Japanese restaurant is the best you could get in Defiance, Ohio. Beautiful decor and the ambience is very vitting to it's atmosphere. Not only are these prices a steal, but the sushi is to die for. If you need to get your sushi fix, this is the place to go. Not only is the sushi high quality but the steak is succulant and cooked to perfection. You cannot go wrong with this place you will be pleasantly surprised by how good the service is and the quality of the food. I highly recommend trying the Japanese soda, it's very sweet and different from what you would normally get in the states. 


  2. Zia's


    Located at Downtown Toledo, this is the best Itallian I've ever had, hands down. It beats Olive garden out of the water, literally. The spaghetti is cooked so perfectly and the garlic bread is perfect as well.

    This is a very romantic spot if you want to be near the water (Maumee River). The service is excellent and you're never waiting too long despite how fancy this place is.

  3. Famous Dave's Barbeque

    Famous Dave's Barbeque

    If you're in the mood for a mean BBQ this is the place to go. Not only 

    do they have huge helpings of food but the food is just so good. Southern comfort is to be found at this restaurant. They also have a wide variety of BBQ sauces so take your pick. The best on the menu is the Babyback ribs.


  4. Sullivan's Restaurant

    In the small town of Wauseon Ohio, this is the number one place to be at, since they have a full bar, and they are open till 11 pm, they serve high quality food.   The service may be a alittle slow, however the steaks here are the best in the area and if you live in a small town, this is the hippest spot to be in for a quiet town like Wauseon. Don't forget to visit when it's happy hour!

    Their drinks are top notch and the steaks are cooked so well. The best appetizer to get is the French onion soup.
  5. Los Meriachis Mexican Restaurant

    This place has the best Mexican food in the Northwest Ohio area. They are always busy, it's terribly hard to find parking on most evenings due to the popularity of this restaurant. 

    They start you off with free chips and dip and the white cheese dip is out of this world amazing. 

    The best to get on the menu is the Chimichangas. If you like it to be a little more spicy, order hot sauce and your pallate will be delighted.

    Their margaritas are fantastic as well and they make it like no other bar I've seen around the area.


  6. Buffalo Wild Wings

    Yes, it is a chain restaurant, but it is one of the highly sought after restaurants to eat at in the town of Defiance. They have excellent wings there and their drinks are ever so quenching.  This is the place to go to when you finish your 9-5 shift and drink with co-workers and friends and share a tasty winged meal!

    So do give this place a try.





  7. Winchesters Restaurant & Saloon

    This is the place to get a delicious quick meal in Delta Ohio. Don't let the decour fool you, it may be a truck stop but the food is really really good.

    Highly raved for their french onion soup and chicken wings, this restaurant hits the spot for your every need. If you have a picky friend, this place will always have something they will like. The food is never bland, so you will be coming back for more another time.


  8. China Buffet

    A small little buffet in Napoleon Ohio is the perfect little spot to settle your Chinese food cravings. 
    It may have the smallest buffet you have ever seen, but don't let that discourage you, the food is absolutely salivatingly delicious. The noodles are the most raved about as this place cooks them like no other chinese restaurant in sight. They have a very delectable variety of chicken soaked in sauces that taste savory you'll be coming back to this place again.
    Also, don't hesitate to try their homemade sugar donuts, they are absolutely delish.


  9. East of Chicago Pizza

    There is only one left in the Greater Toledo area. They have the best deep dish chicago pizza I've ever tasted, and they have the truest chicago pizza to date. If you are looking for deep dish, look no further this place has what you are looking for.


    The pizza is always thick and always tasty. The service is good as well so you can sit yourself down and enjoy the buffet while you wait anxiously for your big pizza to come!


  10. Eric’s Irresistible Ice Cream

    This is a new Icecream parlor that opened up in Defiance Ohio recently and it's doing quite well!

    This place has got such a great atmosphere, and a fabulous variety of icecream and sorbet! This is the place to get your icecream-fix on. The best place in the Northwest state area for icecream is here, so don't bother anywhere else. It's a small business that will be doing very well here. The place has a nice indoor and outdoor decor so fitting for an icecream parlor that's modernized with a hint of a 50's touch. Great icecream, great service. Please visit this place you won't be dissappointed.


The best item on the list would have to be the sushi at Yamato Steakhouse. Not only that but the fried cheesecake will literally melt your insides, it's that good.