The 10 Best Underrated Inventions of Our Time.

Published: June 10, 2014


In today's world most of us are fortunate enough to have access to things that make life as simple as clicking a button. However, there are some inventions that are so ingrained in our culture and upbringing that we can't think of a time when they didn't exist...

...let the count  begin!

  1. Curb cuts.

    This one deserves the #1 spot because hardly anyone has a clue what curb cuts are. A curb cut is a lowered slump on the pavement that allows you to go from the street to sidewalk. For those of us who use our legs to walk, this invention seems almost silly to add to the list, but Imagine being wheelchair bound and having a curb being the one thing standing in the way of going to the grocery store, getting medical attention, seeing relatives, or even going to work. Thanks to a few disability rights leaders, no human being will ever have to battle a curb again.

  2. 9-1-1.

    Who do you call when you're in trouble? When the unthinkable happens and you don't have the means to stop it, your first thought is to call 9-1-1. We can actually thank the National Association of Fire Chiefs for the start of 911, because they didn't want people just standing around watching someone's house burn....and putting it on youtube.


  3. Toothbrushes.

    Now while this is the third hygienic invention on this list, it's one of great importance. Oral hygiene is an ongoing improvement, and those of us who have suffered through an aching tooth know the pain that can be associated with too many sweets and not enough brushing. The ancients used things like cloth, sticks, chalk, salt , or pig bristles ( rough pig neck hair) to brush their teeth. So when you scrub those pearly whites in annoyance, remember that you could have to chew on a stick...or pig bristles.

  4. Canned Foods.

    It's all the rave these days to eat everything fresh and organic, and while I do agree with that from a health standpoint, I think we should thank our lucky stars for the alternative canned versions of our fresh foods. If we do indeed suffer a zombie apocalypse or nuclear fallout, canned foods are going to be the only thing to keep us alive and our bellies full. But hey, if organic farmers still wanna carry on their farming during the age of the Zombies, they're gonna have more than pesticides to worry about.


  5. Paved roads.

    Imagine starting up your car, pulling out of your driveway and driving through the valley and over the hills to work. It sounds like a normal day, but imagine driving over those valleys and hills having to avoid bushes, trees and boulders, not to mention other drivers!  We can thank the Romans for the basic principal behind highway systems today, and in the words of Julius Caesar,  "I came, I saw, I waited in traffic...then I conquered!", or something like that.

  6. Public Transportation.

    Now this one is a given. For those of us who don't have a personal means of transportation, we know that we can count on our own City's transit system. Not only does public transportation benefit the individual, it benefits the economy and the environment. So before you step foot on a train or bus and complain about how long it takes to get from point A to point B, think about how enriched your day will be after being freaked out by a Homeless!

  7. Internet.

    Now while you can't have the invention of the internet before the invention the computer, we can all say a computer is useless without the internet. Thanks to this wonderful invention we can know what's going on in the world, chat with friends, start businesses, attend college ...and lets not forget the most important thing...watching people learn how to twerk and humiliate themselves...or both.

  8. Hot showers.

    There is nothing more relaxing than a hot shower after a long day. In the days before this incredible invention, you would have to hike for miles in order to stand under a waterfall just to get the shower effect, and forget about hot water, that was reserved for people with patience. Thanks to a collective of inventors we can save tremendous amounts of time getting ready for work, but somehow still be late.

  9. Sliced bread.

    I'm sure you've heard of the phrase," The best thing since sliced bread!", but I'm sure you've never given thought to what life would be like without two slices of bread for a PB&J sandwich. In order to really be grateful for this invention try cutting a loaf of fresh baked bread with a regular kitchen knife (because who has a bread knife) and see what kind of hacked monstrosity you get.

  10. Toilet paper.

    We have all gone into a restroom and shockingly found that there was no T.P left, but imagine the time before toilet paper, the time when we were expected to squat down and find the nearest, softest plant or stone to wipe with...skid marks would be the least of your worries. Thanks to centuries of butt wiping, our ancestors finally blessed us with a magical paper that we can "decorate" some annoying neighbor's house with on Halloween.

So in retrospect, there are plenty of inventions that we take for granted and these 10 are ingrained in us. In life we should always thank our lucky stars for the little inventions that impact the world in a profound way because they are the ones that stand the test of time.