Five of the Best Restaurants for Vegetarians in Burlington VT

Published: June 6, 2014

Finding a restaurant to eat at can be a chore for vegetarians. While many restaurants have at least one or two vegetarian options, finding a restaurant that offers true variety, and also has great tasting food, can be a bit of a challenge. 

In the thriving and charming city of Burlington, Vermont - there are some great options for anyone looking for exceptional meat-free fare.


  1. The Skinny Pancake

    The Skinny Pancake, located by the waterfront, has an awesome menu of both savory and sweet crepes, many of which are Vegetarian. 

    This restaurant even boasts gluten-free options. 


  2. Revolution Kitchen

    Revolution Kitchen is a 100% Vegetarian restaurant - with its high end cuisine, great atmosphere, and complete vegetarian cuisine, this is a winner for any vegetarian. 

    Vegan options are also available. 


  3. A Single Pebble

    A Single Pebble offers great asian cuisine, with a great list of choices for vegetarians including tofu, seitan, and - of course - veggies. 

    Definitely try the scallion pancakes! 

Overall, these are my top three favorite restaurants with vegetarian options. Burlington is a thriving, changing city with plenty of great food offerings. Especially for vegetarians!