10 Amazingly Best Natural Cat Foods

Published: June 5, 2014

Do you ever read the labels that you feed to your beloved kitties? Do you see the first ingredient over and over again as a corn meal, or wheat? These precious creatures wouldn't eat a lot of this in the wild, and its not good for them when they do. Disease, reoccurring illnesses, allergic reactions are to name a few things that cat food not prepared with the best ingredients can do to your cats.

  1. Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain

    One of the better dry cat foods that contain no soy or wheat gluten. Less likely your cat will get allergic reactions with this formula. It runs more pricey than the other competitors, but well worth the money. As dry cat food is not the best to feed your cat on a daily basis, it can be supplemented with Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain canned food. Delicious grain free food in many flavors.


  2. EVO

    Evo is a high-quality cat food designed for a proper diet for your cardboard box lounger. It can be purchased in wet and dry food formulas. Number one ingredients are always high quality meats and eggs. Leaving still room for supplemental fruits and veggies. This company uses no grain or potato. All individual ingredients are located clearly on the bad or can and easily readable. The cats meow at the chance to gobble up a easily digestible turkey dinner, loaded with omega 3's and 6's for a healthy skin and coat. There is many kinds and flavors available for each of your kitties needs.



  3. Only Natural Pet Grain-Free EasyRaw Dehydrated Cat Food

    Try this new and improved way to feed the king and queen of your home. Dehydrated Cat Food from Only Natural. This food is close to eating the turkey off the bone. Its safer and has added vegetables for a healthy diet. This high quality protein food requires you to add a bit of water, and off you go listening to the lip smacking yums coming from your adorable little beauty.

  4. Halo

    One of the favorites and best in wet and dry cat food options is Halo. They have so many items for cats that making desicions is a breeze. Their labels are clear and precise, using farm raised fruits and veggies. No fillers, chicken meals, or rendered meats. No artifical food colorings, or preserves. Their meats used are real and natural. Their rejections to using meals in their formula prevents you from getting diseased or sick chickens in your cats food. Stated by law that a chicken meal is allowed to have these such things in their food meals. Their meats will not have restaurant waste, or meat facility waste included in their meals. This company is by far the best and watching out for all of our safety in cat needs.  




  5. Natural Balance

    Its a natural cat food with no fillers or products that cause allergic reactions in cats. Its unique in its formula that they add in natural preventives towards eye disease and immunity issues. They start at the food source to aid in the well being of cats. Available in wet and dry cat food. Interesting combinations, like Duck and Pea Formula, or Vension and Green Pea.


  6. Rachael Ray Nutrish Cat

    Celebrity endorsement is the last thing on the minds of many when they choose their cat food, but this food had the ability to be bought in your local store and still be a healthy grain free cat food. No fillers, like soy, or grains. Wet food that is actually ground up chicken, turkey or beef. No compressed chunks, or mashed together slop. It looks like something that would be made for dinner. Its got the approval rating in the bag, in the can and in the mouths of kitties.


  7. Blue

    Here is a company stated for its natural cat food. It uses chicken meals, but leaves out the grain and artificial flavorings out of its formula. No by products or food colorings. It contains cranberries, blueberries and carrots for a healthier immunity. They offer many options in dry foods and wet food varieties.

  8. Purina Beyond Wet and Dry Cat Food

    Purina Beyond's Super Food blend is fantastic with it no by products, natural ingredients and whole vegetables. It comes in a complete package of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins for the active cat at play. They offer grain free foods, no meals, artificial flavorings and colors. It contains all the kitties needs for a healthy loving purr ball of fuzzy.


  9. Evolve Pet Food

    Evolve Pet Food for cats and dogs is sold in most grocery stores. Easy to pick up and can be less expensive than the online natural retailers. It contains a high amount of protein, its the first ingredient and does not contain fillers such as corn or soy. There are added minerals and vitamins for all your cats and any pet needs. Their wet cat food is high in moisture content for the cat who needs more water. It aids in the flow of urine and plenty of moisture keeps every animal regular. As feeding only dry food can be detrimental supplementing with wet food can be a perfect fit.


  10. Holistic Blend

    This grain-free blend is rich in nutrients. It contains no soy, dairy, artificial flavorings, dyes or rendered meats. Holistic Blend maintains a high protein diet filled with many nutritional benefits to your cats growing needs. They offer cat food for all stages and even have cat treats and supplements.



Out of the items on the list, the best cat food in my book would be Halo, they are an honest informative company. They are truly looking out for my cats well being, and will continue to do so. There are many options out there, but its the ones that care about everyone's well being that get my vote in confidence. The close second in running would be the Only Naturals Dehydrated cat food, due to that its closer to a natural wild diet as the cat would like to be. So I would buy both, and use both for my cats meals. They deserve to be fed well, as well as we all deserve healthy alternatives to some of the unhealthy things out there.