The 10 Best Yet Unique Summertime Desserts

Published: June 5, 2014

You ever get tired of the same old summertime desserts: Jello Salads, Cookies & Cakes. This Summer step up and be the first in your clique to bring the best yet unique desserts to parties, BBQ's, reunions and other gatherings. This list will put a spin on basic cookies and cupcakes and a few extra special desserts, everyone will be raving over your tasty treats. 

  1. Step Into Summer With Sandal Cookies

    The firsst on my list are these great summer sandal cookies. This is a perfect yet easy spin to the store bought cookie. What makes these extra special is you can create them to go with almost any occasion (For 4th of July, above), baby showers, birthdays, and the go over great at bake sales as well as garage sales. 

    For 4th of July Sandal Cookies, you use Nutter Butter Cookies, fondant or white frosting dyed to the color of your choice, and candy beads or Nerds candy for decorations. Honestly you cane run with this ideas and get super creative also great to make with kids.


  2. A Summer Spin on Strawberries-Red White and Blue Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    What makes this one extra special is that not only is it unique and easy to make but their actually a healthy dessert that kids will love. 

    Requiring only 3 ingredients ( not including the food coloring), this healthy yet unique dessert can be made in minutes. Use white chocolate chips and 2 T. butter, melt then divide to add the needed food coloring, you will need to save some plain white as well. Then simply dip your strawberry in each color and place on wax paper to dry. 

    I promise these will be gone in no time.

  3. Corn On The Cob Cupcakes

    These are always a hit when I make them for BBQ's and are always requested for our family reunions. So simple to make and will definitely be the most unique thing on the picnic table. You can use a boxed cake mix and frosting and use white and yellow jellybeans for the kernels on top and a great finish is adding corn cob holders at the end of three cupcakes to resemble an actual corn on the cob.


  4. Three Summertime Favorites Packed Into One- Berry Cookie Tarts

    What is better then getting three favorite treats in one amazing dessert. That's what you'll get with these Berry Cookie Tarts. Using your favorite store bought chocolate chip cookie, cream cheese, strawberries and some melted chocolate chips drizzled over the top, will make people want seconds. And the icing on the cake is these too are quick and easy to put together and make a great treat for you to do with kids.


  5. Snickers Salad-Who Would Have Thought

    Did you ever think you would be putting snickers in a salad? Well believe me when I say OMG! The combination of snickers mixed with apples and cool whip gives you that sweet and salty flavor that is very popular right now.

    This amazing dessert uses only 5 ingredients and can be made and ready to eat in one hour. So be the first in your bunch to put a savy spin on salad and dessert with this Snickers Salad.

  6. No Longer The Last Resort Dessert-Gourmet Rice Crispy Treats

    If your one of those that sometimes has to resort to rice crispy treats as a summertime dessert make them the talk of the party this year by making them gourmet. Their are so many ways to dress up the ever so plain yet yummy rice crispy. Adding different candies such as M&M's, chocolate chips, you can even add various fruits like cherries and lemon. Top it off with different type of frostings like cream cheese, mocha flavored frosting or a elegant ganache. Going gourmet will require some time and patience, but the end result will leave a smile on everyone's face, making it all worth it.


  7. Fruit In Waffle Cones-Oh The Things You Could Add!

    These treats are one of my most favorite desseerts, why? Well you can do so much with this recipe, add any of your favorite fruits I like blueberries, strawberries and bananas. Then get creative and add other sweet treats like chocolate chips, marshmallows, even nuts if you like. Finish it off with cool whip, yogurt greek or frozen, flavored cream cheese or even chocolate syrup. The combinations truly can be endless.

  8. Magically Delicious-Nutella Magic Bars

    Now I realize that these may not be the uniquest dessert but there's nothing better than your traditional magic bar mixed with the hazelnut chocolate flavor of Nutella, pure heaven (I Hope).  This recipe has an amazing buttery crust and combines the great taste of coconut, chocolate chips, and hazelnuts. This will be a hit with everyone but more so amoung the grown ups you will need to double possibly triple the recipe depending on how many people because they will want more than one.



  9. Not Just For Breakfast Anymore-Dessert Crepes

    Most people when they hear crepes they think breakfast or some fancy entree in a restaurant. Even though they do make for some tasty breakfast meals I prefer to use crepes as a dessert. These too are super cool because you don't necessarily have to follow a recipe when it comes to filling the crepe. You can add fruits, sauces and cream cheeses and top them with things like melted chocolate, cool whip even ice cream or frozen yogurt.

  10. Mighty Marshmallows

    Marshmallows are well known for the ultimate Smore but with these get ideas Marshmallows all around the world can now spread their wings and fly. These can be dipped in chocolate, frostings, or sweet sauces. Decorated with candies, nuts, sprinkles, fruit oh the combinations are endless. These are especially fun if you have kids and can also make a great activity for their birthday parties. So show everyone that the marshmellow just isnt for Smores anymore, they can be used for such much  more.

So be the first to take a stand in pushing out those Jello salads, brownies, and cookies that are usually brought to those summertime get togethers. I promise that you will be the talk of all whom attend these fuctions as they will be raving over your amazing Berry Cookie Tarts, and slipping extra Nutella Magic Bars in their purses and surprisingly the kids will be asking for seconds when it comes to the Fruit Cones and your Gourmet Rice Crispy treats. So get busy as these will be the most requestedd summertime desserts next year!