Top 3 Unique Mexican Food Restaurants in San Diego

Published: June 4, 2014


¿Donde? translates to WHERE in English. And where will you find yourself some of the best Mexican food in San Diego? Forget those review sites and the popular joints - head to the best Mexican food off the beaten path!

  1. La Barbacoa Autentica de Borrego

    A small shack behind a Mexican candy store. For that authentic Mexican barbeque, nothing comes close! Open on Weekends Only! Get some of the more rare and perfectly prepared Mexican dishes from the best unknown cooks in the city!


  2. El Zarape

    CALIFORNIA BURRITOS! If you haven't heard that term, you're in for a treat. San Diego's definitive Mexican food contribution, the California Burrito, is perfected at El Zarape. Carne Asada, Avocado, and FRENCH FRIES! You heard that right, fries!

  3. Mariscos there's more than one Mariscos. Each is titled by the name of the operator. However, you'll always see the same silver, metallic truck with that bright blue sign. If you see it, RUN to it! Mariscos has some of the best Mexican seafood in the city. A tasty surprise? The FREE SOUP that comes with each purchase. Free soup? Yum....

Forget the chain stores and Old Town, visit San Diego and have yourself a local beer and burrito. After all, that is the true San Diego Experience!