Published: June 4, 2014

You no longer need to sacrifice fuel economy to get the space you need in a larger vehicle.  I did some research and came up with a list of SUVs that are the most fuel efficient and have their starting price under $30,000.  Starting in the order with the best fuel efficient vehicle first.

  1. SUBARU XV CROSSTREK equipped with 2.0L 4 cyl

    The Subaru XV Crosstrek gets 28 mpg overall 21 mpg city 35 mpg hwy.  The base price begins at $21,995 up to $29,295.  This vehicle is probably priced low for a good reason.  There are many complaints of the lack of power and how it has problems keeping up with highway speeds.  This car has been labeled a disappointment.


    The Mini Cooper Countryman gets 26 mpg overall 19 mpg city 33 mpg hwy.  The base price begins at $22,100 up to $34,950.00.  The Countryman is, of course, bigger then the car but not by too much.  It is a small SUV that can max speed at 116 mph.  A fun vehicle to drive. Agility is fantastic and the steering is sharp.  The controls are a bit frustrating for some to figure out.


    The Subaru Forester gets 26 mpg overall 18 city mpg 35 hwy.  The base price begins at $21,995 up to $32,995.  You will feel secure driving this Subaru with the big windows, large doors, and all the spaciousness it offers.  It is not too agile but is very secure.  The controls are quite simple.  Overall, this is a good vehicle.


  4. MAZADA CX-5 TOURING equipped with 2.0L 4 cyl

    The Mazda CX-5 Touring gets 25 mpg overall 19 mpg city 32 mpg hwy.  The base price begins at $21,395 up to $29,070.  Steering is agile and handles well but it is a rough and noisy ride.  Interior is roomy, with simple controls which look a bit chintzy.  The 2.0L is very slow at take-off.  There is a noticeably quicker acceleration with the 2.5L.

  5. NISSAN JUKE SV equipped with 1.6L turbo

    The Nissan Juke SV gets 24 mpg overall 18 mpg city 31 mpg hwy.  The base price begins at $19,170 up to $28,120.  This has quick acceleration with the 1.6L turbo and maneuvers well.  Unfortunately, this vehicle required premium fuel.  The amount of space is limited.  It has poor visibility out the back window and is a bit of a jerky ride.


    The Toyota Rav 4 XLE gets 24 mpg overall 18 mpg city 31 mpg hwy.  The base price begins at $23,550 up to $49,800.  It is easily accessible and the rear seat is roomy.  Rear hatch is now hinged from the top and the backup camera comes standard.  This vehicle handles well.  Unfortunately, it has scored poorly in a crash test.

  7. JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LIMITED equipped with 3.6L V-6

    The Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited gets 24 mpg overall 17 mpg city 32 mpg hwy.  The base price begins at $29,495 up to $64,380.  A comfortable ride, agile handling, good towing, nice interior is what this vehicle has to offer.  It also comes with a diesel engine option, which has not received reliable reviews at this time.

  8. NISSAN ROUGE equipped with 2.5L 4 cyl

    The Nissan Rouge gets 24 mpg overall 17 city mpg 30 mpg hwy.  The base price  begins at $22,790 up to $29,630.   This vehicle has many safety options available such as cross-traffic alert, forward-collision, and lane-departure warning and blind spot monitoring.  The rear seat slides frontward and backward.  The rear door opens almost 90 degrees.  Although small, a third row seating option is available and would be suitable for children.

  9. MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER SPORT SE equipped with 2.0L 4 cyl

    The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE gets 23 mpg overall 18 mpg city 28 mpg hwy.  The base price begins at $19,470 up to $23,995.  This ride is a little rough and a bit noisy.  The 2.0L is just sufficient, no extra power in this SUV.

  10. HYUNDAI SANTA FE SPORT equipped with 3.3L V6

    The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport gets 23 mpg overall 17 mpg overall 30 mpg hwy.  The base prices begins at $29,900 up to $35,550.  This midsized SUV has the third row seating, six-speed automatic and the backup camera which is now standard in the 2014 model.  Smooth, comfortable, and secure is a good way to describe this SUV.  There are many features included in the base price.  Unlike some of the other vehicles that start under $30k but end up close to $50,000 by the time your finished adding the options.

After doing some research the consumer reports show the overall bes SUV in the compact category for 2014 is the Subaru Forester.  The Subaru Forester is economical in fuel and on the purchase price.  Its is spacious, handles well and has the power required for this type of vehicle.  It also has the best visibility in its category.

The best overall midsized SUV for 2014 goes to the Hyundai Santa FE.  The Santa Fe has many features already included as a standard and is reasonably priced.  For the size, it gets good gas milage and is a comfortable ride.  Lets not forget how nice the the exterior looks as well.

Tied with the Hyundai Santa Fe in other polls was the 2014 Jeep Grand  Cherokee.  It is ranked high in the midsized category.  The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a very popular choice and probably for good reason.  Obvious the sleek design is very attractive to many folks.  The starting price is right if your not a option junkie because then you may find the price ranging out of control.  If you noticed the Jeep Grand Cherokee can double from its starting price depending on options selected. 

Before selecting your next vehicle you might want to do your own research and do a comparison to see which vehicles best suit your needs and or desires.  Review their price, the options, engines, handling, and space.  Check the cars safety ratings to ensure you families.  Once you narrowed down your list, go test-drive the vehicles and see which one you feel the most secure and comfortable driving.  Then make your decision.  If you have a spouse it would be a good idea to have them a part of the decision making process.  Taking your time and geing certain of your selection will sure pay off in the long run.  There are many people that buy on impulse and then it costs them a year or so later when they want to get rid of the vehicle because they want something different.  Something that better suits their needs.  I fell victim to that impoulsive buying once or twice before I learned my lesson.  I wish you a happy car shopping experience.