The Best Cultures to Visit!

Published: June 4, 2014

I'm John R. traveling worker and I have met many culturally diverse areas which I want to share with you in my stay! Please open your hearts and eyes to join in on an adventure only I could experience. We fly from the sweet Bahama breeze to the shores of mexico to meet people of all culture and explore the fun within each groups diverse traditions! I can't wait to share all the amazing methods people have learned over decades to cure, heal, protect, and even serve each other to better their home and community. I am glad when I can teach others the simple pleasures i've enjoyed along my travels.

  1. First Trip to Bahama Coast!

    The Bahamas is culturally rich with a mix from African American, European, and even caucasians. Locals ae all very friendly and helpfull from giving you a ride across town or showing you the many species of animals that join the people for fun and food! The coast offers a great variety of animals to fish and nature provides many souces of herbs to aid in medical processes if they were to ever have a shortage. All together they run a fit system that caters to the necessities in ou daily lives making the years to come a gracious day! Always welcome those who have no where to go.

  2. Swimming down to Chile!

    Along the way you may forget that Chile is lined with hundreds of volcanoes and many possibly active upon his day! Though it has a wondeful culture and many people to keep it very lively and exciting day to day. The markets fill the air with amazing smells and the animals monkeys for the msot part and singing of birds keep the air sweet and the games everchanging! The shores are great for surfing and many fishers enjoy a calm day to elax while maybe netting some dinner! The paties can be exciting and nothing beats the heat better than a good meal and cold beer.

  3. City Lights of France!

    Welcome to the beautiful city of france, the amazing source of pizza an pasta! Along with the beauty of the city, once this town was a flourish of naughty things to make your hair wild and the night exciting. They also reward you with a very nice medal for raising and helping your kids grow to adults. It is odd being the only place with one stop sign. but with he fast pace of the city maybe it means they are better off! This beautiful city also allows one of the msot odd thigns i've come across, You may marry a dead person though I hope it doesn't happen often.

  4. Hot Mexico Coast!

    They have some of he best waters to swim and some amazing boat cruises for some affordable price. One local favortie thing to do is go fishing for the ever so beautiful Merlin fish. They are a very delicious fish but takes a good crew to land one. Merlin can be srong enough to pull a man overboard so it's good to keep a firm footing. Although some of the mexican seefood dishes are not appetising to myself I do recommend enjoying their burittos and dessert foods, They will simply satisfy your taste buds! 

  5. Canada Forever Green!

    Canada is a must visit location for it has some amazing hills for boarding and many country sites to enjoy the calm outdoors away from city pollution. It is one of the least densely populated areas in the world and has very kind people to make your stay feel welcome. The wildlife is full from Moose to Polar bears. Canada can be one of the most exciting places to go if you love seeing the bigger animals that enjoy the colder areas.

  6. Russia with Love!

    Russia is a great place to go ad watch Ballet or other classical events which sept over russia and have kept an old nastalgic appeal for many tourists and visitors to enjoy! They have a very beautiful way of creating many things but keeping a simple color pallet that seems to have a mind changing affect. Russians also have an extensive knowledge of martial arts from Fist fighting, Sambo and even Ryabko's systema.

  7. Hoppin' Down to Australia!

    Although we know Australia as Dundees home and Kangaroos always jumping around, They also have an incredible amount of Spiders from small to Huge. Most people don't like spiders but you'll really hate them when they are the size of cats and can run faster than you thought you could! Although the locals and culture are very fun and wild. There are plenty of nice apartments to enjoy a good vacation along with a nice warm coast to ride out in a canoe or even swim!

  8. Homing in on Japan!

    To all who thought you could party the night through remember not in japan, it's god damn illegal and you must stop twerking once it hits 10pm! just kidding but not really, it is insane you can't dance after hours but you could always go on a high speed race so lets go for it! The japanese make the most odd dishes fom ice cream with meat to bugs on sticks. You must have some uniue tastes and flavors for this crowd but also a lot of courage and strength to pass as one of their own, it is said to be a true master with sword and body you must eat a live squid! Although it may not taste bad it can be especially difficult to swallow because of how slimey and sicky the tentacles can be on your cheeck and tongue!

  9. Flying into Africa!

    Africa has been my most insperational and the place I recommend over all. The heat can be remarkable for getting good tans and locals will always welcome you with amazing dances and prayers. The local african tribes are always seeking to continue their ways but sloly the white man schools are proving to move in to improve life as the way we know it even if they enjoy how they live. it's sad to change such remarkable culture and hae them slip into the insomniac ways of americans today instead of being their own culture we slowly try to group them all into one zombie mind to work for money instead of living happily with family and friends.

I know Africa is the best place to visit. Not only will you elarn so much love and caing that goes into the hearts and minds these people hae but even lightens your heart to see what new thigns their children will share with us as they grow and become familiar with the lives we now live. I see a worl that can be better and live in harmony as the tribes have for so long, Although it may take many generations the lives we live now will always be better proided for in the future. Many days and possibly years form now we will live in a treky kind of world here people are always serving to protect each other and help those who need it no matter how badly! Thank you for reading about my adventures and hope you can provide me with more knowledge in time to come!