The 6 Best NES games (in my mind)

Published: June 3, 2014

Everyone around this era, kids and adults of the time, both know the impact nintendo had on the video game market.  Kids knew because what more was there to life then watching saturday morning cartoons and hanging out with their best buds playing some Nintendo until their thumbs bled. Parents knew because their kids wouldn't shut up about it until their wallets were empty and void of anything but reciepts.  I chose these games based on popularity and pure nostalgic value of fun rather than value of money or rarity.  There's no particular rhyme or reason for the list just what comes to mind when i think of my NES days, but we'll go from least to greatest to keep it straight.


  1. RC Pro-Am


    This game is unique in how generic it may seem. Its just like any other racing game in that you have a set amount of laps around different yet similar tracks, but this game employs unorthodox obstacles and power ups laying on the track to keep it interesting whether racing by yourself or with friends.  Oil slicks, water puddles, and other things all can slow you down while tires, wrenches, and car parts in general help power up your vehicle.  I remember playing this game all the time with my brother and sister having a blast with a game i might never had tried if not for them.  Awesome game and a must for all people that like progressive racing and random fun on the track.

  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    This game would be higher on the list if not for its difficulty.  I've lost alot of time on just playing the same levels over and over again to get the jumps right and to live through the multiple enemies that respawn over and over again.  Even if you manage you get to the end, you still have to fight the technodrome or something like it before you get to the shredder himself.  I remember playing this game with my friends and only getting up to that point, no matter how much pizza you eat, it can only get you so far.


  3. Super Mario Bros./ Duck Hunt

    This one is a double whammy because the cartridge came this way, usually launched with the system itself.  You have the original super star himself Mario the carpenter/plumber all around handy man smashing turtles and saving princesses, and then you have... well duck hunting/skeet shooting.  I guess there is that dog that made everyone real happy when you missed with the faulty orange tipped pistol, his hee-hee haw haw laugh that NEVER annoyed anyone. Okay i lied, that dog is probably nominated for the most annoying psuedo-enemy in any NES game because he does nothing but point and laugh at your misfortune. I think I'd rather play the other part of the cartridge now that i think of it.


  4. Kung-Fu

    A really simple game with the normal hero storyline of kick butt now save the girl afterwards.  You are the Karate Kid...Man not really sure about this one but you move from left to right throwing punches and kicks to enemies that hurt you by touching you, throwing knives at you, and some actually fight you back(bosses).  Your goal is to save your girlfriend Steven Seagul style with karate chops and kung fu kicks while jumping over snakes and dodging flying blades in linear fashion.  Come to think of it, this game almost seems like a Bruce Lee movie...fighting enemies on lower levels to climb stairs to reach the next upper level until you reach the top floor....hmmm

  5. Commando

    I played this game for a looong time, shooting enemies with giant white bullets and running up whilst doing so, chucking grenades on the fly and taking out camps of enemies.  This game is especially difficult with two people playing since the screen keeps moving up and you have to stick together to get through the masses of enemies.  This sticks out in my mind as being my favorite arcade style ground shooter unlike most shooters that took place in planes or ships in space and always reminded me of the older war movies taking out tanks and destroying enemy ranks like Rambo...unlike the actual Rambo NES game where you fight snakes and bats with throwing knives...yeah maybe they should have done this one instead. 

  6. Super Mario Bros. 3

    There is so much to this game its ridiculous for a NES game, this door blew the door off its hinges to a whole new era of Mario based gaming and stunned people by its changes to the platforming game.  It's overhead view of the map of worlds helped form the next mario game made for super NES and changed the way 2 people could play, giving them a choice where they wanted to go anytime.  They could also compete against each other actively rather than just play co-op to finish the game effectively screwing each other over or help each other share resources and beat the levels together. Eight worlds and with ~9 mini levels in each world, a castle for the last part, and many secrets in each world really kept the game interesting.  Not too mention, item bars to hold your power-ups and levels designed just for power-ups( mushroom huts, slide match-ups, and the card game) gave players a sense of control over the game and progression as they could stock up on supplies to tackle the harder levels was something you couldn't really do in these games before. All in all, quite possibly my favorite game of NES and many other people, even enough to make a movie based on the release of this game.   Many great memories with my siblings and friends playing this game and the first game i truly enjoyed playing video games ever.   

Yes, i know that a list of the 6 best is odd, but these are the ones that stick out in my mind for creating great memories and having fun, which is what its all about.  I'm sure there are others that are just as fun out there but these ones created an experience for me alone that i wouldn't change at all.