The 10 Best Logos in Sports

Published: June 2, 2014

Everybody is always talking about which team is better and who's going to win it all.  I'm talking about who looks the best doing it.  Which of the four major sports logos are the best?  Now I'm taking sports context out of this.  Sure, there might be historical context for a team's logo, but I'm just looking at strictly the logo and not the team it represents. 

  1. Miami Heat

    It would be ironic to say the Miami Heat logo is cool, but it's true.  It is cool.  It's a flaming basketball going through a basketball hoop.  That's really awesome.  Miami has taken a lot of heat (no pun intended) for its roster and the whole Decision and "Taking my talents to South Beach" thing, but all drama aside, this logo is really neat.  It's a great idea and it ties in well to the team name, which also ties in well to the city.  It conjures up the image of lots of shots and lots of points, NBA jam style. 

  2. Baltimore Orioles

    I love the Baltimore Orioles logo.  It was a shame when they switched away from it to the actual Baltimore Oriole logo for the last twenty plus years, but the fact that they brought it back is a good sign.  It's a great logo.  Sports can be so serious and sometimes it's good to remember and remind people that it's all just a game being played by really rich athletes.  A cartoon logo doesn't do that much justice but it defintely creates a lighter side to sports.  All in all, it's just a fun logo. 

  3. San Diego Padres

    This logo isn't the current logo, which is really truly a shame.  I don't even know what their current logo is.  It's just an ocean wave?  That makes some sense since San Diego is known for it's proximity to the ocean and its Naval influence, but the team is called the Padres.  So the logo should reflect that.  I just love the image of it.  With so many sports teams just being a bland image or just letters, like the Pacers or even the Yankees, it's nice to see a cartoon of the team mascot playing the sport it's in. 

  4. Toronto Raptors

    Okay, so you may be able to tell from this list so far, or you're about to put it together, but I like cartoon logos.  The sillier the better.  I have no idea why, but I really do.  Which is why the Toronto Raptor logo is on the list.  I don't even know why the basketball team in Toronto is a Raptor.  Did they find dinosaur bones in Toronto?  Is Toronto known for its ruthless dinosaur ways?  Somebody look that up and let me know.  In the meantime, I'm going to admire this logo in its cartoon simplicity. 

  5. San Jose Sharks

    I don't follow much hockey.  I had to do some research just to get logos for this whole article.  The only hockey logo I could pick out of a lineup easily is the Mighty Ducks, but that has more to do with Disney and the Emilio Estevez movies than the National Hockey League.  Anyway, I really like this logo.  Again, I like cartoon versions of animal mascots doing something revolving the sport that the team they represent is playing.  Here is a picture of a Shark destroying a hockey stick with its angry shark mouth.  Enjoy:

    Tell me that's not better than just a colorful first letter of the team name.

  6. Boston Red Sox

    When I was writing this, I really wanted to go after sports teams with just letters and very little logos or mascots.  I figured the Red Sox were going to be a good target since that Boston B is everywhere along with the Yankees' NY logo.  But while doing my research, I remembered that the Red Sox started using the Socks logo in the past few years and it really looks fantastic. 

    That's really cool and really striking too.  Funny that an image of socks is such an impressive logo.  Are socks like that still made?  If so, I want some because I would wear those like crazy.

  7. St. Louis Cardinals

    More animals doing things related to their sport. 

    But don't get me wrong, I don't just like this Cardinals logo because of my above rule.  I like it for the color as well.  Also, I slightly like the subtle paranoia the bird has on it's face.  It's watching you and what you're doing is concerning this bird.  Maybe you are coming to take this bat away or cut down the tree that produces perfect bat shaped branches.  Either way, it doesn't like that.  I also like the solid red, yellow and blue.  Nice touch.

  8. Boston Celtics

    Here is another image of a logo that I am assuming really represents its city well.  The Boston Celtics:

    I always liked this logo, even as a kid when the Boston Celtics were not that good of a team.  I like the Irish Leprechaun and the detail in the cane, shoes, shoe buckle and even the corn cob Popeye-esque pipe this dude is rocking.  He has such a carefree attitude, which is nice, because most logos or mascots are angry(see: San Jose Sharks).  This leprechaun is hanging out, spinning a basketball on his finger without a single care in the world.  I know this to be true because he is winking at us.

  9. Seattle Mariners

    Here is the only logo on my list that is of an inanimate object.  It is not a person or bird or sea creature or prehistoric dinosaur.  It is a trident.  Now the Seattle Mariners do not currently use this logo, but again, like the San Diego Padres, they really should.  Seattle is also known for its sea adventures, so this trident really applies to everything.  I'm loving the Little Mermaid vibe the colors and the logo have, along with the star background.  Plus, the way the trident is flying at the screen is really awesome too.  It gives off an intense, you-are-about-to-be-stabbed-with-a-trident vibe that really would look nifty on a shirt or hat.  Bring this logo back pronto, Mariners.

  10. Arizona Diamondbacks

    Once again, another animal.  I like the anger in this one and I have a big fear of snakes, so putting this on the list was tough, but don't worry I'm okay.  I really like this logo and that's saying a lot because I was mad when the Arizona Diamondbacks switched their color scheme to black and red a few years back.  I loved the green and purple they have.  Incidentally, I have no idea what color a Diamondback actually is.  At first, I assumed green and purple, but now that I think about it, that doesn't make much sense.  Red?  Black?  I have no idea.  Anyway, I like this logo alot.

I find it a little funny that alot of the logos on this list are old logos and not the ones the team currently uses.  These logos are great and they really ought to be brought back.