Best Auto Repair Shop in Connecticut

Published: November 11, 2013

This list consists of the best auto repair shops in Connecticut. The decisions are based off of customer reviews from many different websites. The conclusions are made based off of Yelp, Google reviews, and miscellaneous/unknown websites. Hopefully this will make your process of finding an affordable, and quality Auto Repair Shop.

  1. S K F Automotive

    S K F Automotive specializes in Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair, Subaru,Honda/Acura, Nissan/infinity,Toyota/Lexus,VW/Audi and most other vehicle Manufacture. The business has been open for almost 40 years now and is one of the best in Connecticut. It holds to be one of the highest rated Auto Repair Shops in Connecticut with great customer service.

  2. Firestone Complete Auto Care

    This Auto Repair shop was opened in 1926, and I have placed as the second best repair shop in the area. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, their staff is known for great customer service. They specialize in all basic car checkups, ranging anything from oil checkups to Car Battery replacement.

  3. Hamden Auto body

    In third place comes Hamden Auto Body. They have some of the most skilled automotive technichians in the area with great customer service. They obtain some of the most state of the art repair Equipment. They continually invest in computerized repair and refinishing systems. I have seen nothing but fantastic reviews of this ship throughout the internet.!services/cyth

Whether you are looking for state of the art repair, or a simple car checkup. One of these three has the answer to your problems. They are all located in well known areas have respected reviews and customer satisfaction. If your car has been severely damaged, I would recommend Hamden Auto Body for their state of the art repair technology. For more simple car problems or check ups, head on over to FireStone or S K F to make an appointment.