10 best Casino/Resorts

Published: June 1, 2014

My list includes the 10 best Casino/Resorts throughout Northern California, and one in Nevada.

  1. Twin Pine Casino

    This is my all-time favorite Casino, mainly because it is the closest one to my home.  Secondly, because of the size (sq. ft.) of the Casino.  Most casinos are so huge, with way too many machines all jammed up against each other.  This one offers some elbow room.  Also, they have a hotel, with which I get a free room offer every month for.  Their rooms are very nice and clean and still have that "new" smell to them.  The whole place just has a very friendly and homey atmosphere to it.


  2. Silver Legacy Resort Casino

    This casino would be rated number one if it were closer to home, but, it is not.  The three-hour drive is well worth the time, though.  I have always loved the decor and atmosphere of Silver Legacy.  The casino offers a great variety of machines, and it seems to always have some excitement going on.  The restaurants are all very good throughout the casino, too.  My favorite is the seafood restaurant, offering a great seafood chowder-stew to die for!  The rooms are tastefully decorated, and being a Player's Club member, I receive room offers quite often.  I really enjoy traveling to Silver Legacy when I get the chance.



  3. Cache Creek Resort Casino

    Cache Creek is also a very nice Resort/Casino.  I started going to this casino when it was only a little "tent", about 15 years ago.  Now it has expanded to a "Las Vegas style" resort.  It has a good variety of machines to offer, with decent restaurant choices, too.  I have enjoyed sitting at the big open bar, while enjoying a cocktail and listening to some great entertainment.  The rooms are very nicely done; I also receive free room offers, and I utilize these comps whenever possible.  They offer patio rooms, where you can sit on out on your own lanai and enjoy the fresh air and just relax.  They have a wonderful swimming pool and jacuzzi.  This resort is just about an hour drive away.

  4. Thunder Valley Resort Casino

    Thunder Valley is another fun place.  Being in the Sacramento area, it's not too far from home; but, no free room offers here, so it is not frequented as often as others.  This casino is fairly large, so if you go with someone else, be sure to have a cell phone to contact!  They offer a wide variety of machines, but I am not too keen on them having so many!  Still, the hotel is nice, and they also have a swimming pool and jacuzzi to enjoy.  We really enjoy the buffet here.  They really offer quite a feast!  You have to roll yourselves out of the place when finished!  

  5. Rolling Hills Resort Casino

    Here is yet another nice, but not local, Resort Casino.  Located in Corning, Calif., we have stayed here a couple of times, and really enjoyed it.  The rooms are very nice, and the casino is a good size--not too big, not too small.  The people were very friendly, and service was very good.  There was ample elbow room on the casino floor, which I really like.  We also won quite a bit here, which is nice.  If it were a bit closer to home, we would go to Rollings Hill more often.


  6. Colusa Casino Resort

    Here again, is another Casino Resort not considered local.  It really is not too far, though.  Probably just a bit farther than the drive to Thunder Valley.  They have a hotel, with rooms that are pretty quaint.  They just underwent a remodeling, and everything is just new, not quite so elegant as others.  It offers a country, homey atmosphere, though.   The casino floor offers a variety of new and older machines, which is really nice--it brings back memories, and allows you to play your old favorites.  The buffet is very good, offering a great seafood buffet on Fridays.  We enjoy Colusa once in a blue moon. 

  7. Red Hawk Casino

    This is a newer casino located in Placerville, Calif.  We have been a few times.  It really is a large casino, with seven (7) levels of parking.  There is no hotel here, but there are some just a couple of miles away; and they offer free shuttle rides to and from the casino.  We enjoyed the live entertainment, a country band, who were very good.  The place was full of excitement.  It was so large, yet, it seemed at times it was hard to get on a machine, because of so many people.  This casino is probably the last of the Indian Casinos before going to Lake Tahoe.  Red Hawk was nothing to write home about, but I would probably go again sometime.  p.s. if someone offered me some "free" gambling bucks!

  8. River Rock Casino

    This casino has kind of lost it's luster.  I know several people who used to go--and win alot!!  But, the consensus is that they have "tightened the machines" too much.  I cannot say.  All I know is that every time I do go to River Rock, they have moved machines around to different locations, and/or taken them out and replaced with newer machines.  I have never seen a casino to do this as much.  Nevertheless, I still go occasionally, being as they are just a bit farther of a drive than Twin Pine is.  I seem to enjoy the atmosphere here; and the variety of machines is good.  The restaurants are ok, excluding the buffet; we have tried it a couple of times, and the quality of the food just is not there.  The snack bar offers great hot dogs, though!

  9. Win River Casino

    We visited Win River one weekend, after coming back from a trip to Oregon.  It was a fun place, with a great choice of machines.  The atmosphere was good, the people friendly, and the size not too overwhelming.  I only wish we had more time to spend, but it was just a 'pit stop' on our way home.  Being in Redding, Calif., I don't think we will be frequenting this casino too much.


  10. Graton Casino Resort

    Herein lies the "latest and greatest" of casinos.  Located in Rohnert Park, Calif., it is the 2nd closest casino to our home.  It is also the largest.  It appears to be a small city!!  We have gone a few times, now, but I really am not too impressed, especially being a "small casino lover" that I am.  There are really way, way too many machines for my liking.  And the choices of restaurants were not really my cup of tea, either.  I would not recommend this casino to my favorite enemy, but, as they say, "to each, his own"!

In my opinion, and it is my opinion--that is why I comprised this list--Twin Pine Casino gets my vote as number one.  As I stated earlier, I totally enjoy the small, friendly atmosphere, as I have come to know a few select employees; and the size of the casino floor, where you don't get lost or worn out, walking around the place.   I just thoroughly enjoy coming to Twin Pine Casino!

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