Simple recipes for home cooks

Published: June 1, 2014

Eveyone enjoys a home cooked meal. The problem is that it can be really time consuming to cook something that not only taste good but is simple to make as well. So I have complied a list of 10 classic recipes that teach you that great food can be made at home with less stress and effort. You will also learn a few new skills that can help you develop flavor in a short amount of time as some dishes gain flavor only from long cooking. These recipes are guides to start from and once you are ready add your own personal touches.

  1. Risotto

    While this dish looks simple it takes some skill to make the right way. The real challenge is to learn the proper steps to cook the rice. Once you do you will be rewarded with a dish that is so rich and creamy you will want to share it with evyone you know. Pro tip if you have any risotto left over the next day try making fried risotto balls or as they are know arancini. These flavorful balls are stuffed with mozzarella cheese then breaded. Finally you pan fry till golden brown and serve. The outside is crispy while the cheese is melted in the center.

  2. Chinese Dumplings

     Packed with flavor these simple looking dumplings are a great choice for the home cook who wants to make things ahead. This recipe makes a lot of dumplings which can be cooked that day or frozen for a future meal. Some of the most common options are chicken, shrimp, or pork but you can use whatever you wish. Just make sure that you follow the basic skills that are shown and you will end up with a great dish. Serve with a simple dipping sauce or pan fry for a crispy crunch they are good for a quick snack or dinner with the family.

  3. Carne Asada

     Some dishes like chili or stew take time to develop the rich flavor we expect from them. This dish gains a lot of flavor from the combination of great ingredients as well as a low and slow cooking process. This a smple dish to put togther as all you do is place everything into one pot. While you let it cook your home is filled with the wonderful smells. You can serve the meat with warm tortillas and spanish rice. I also suggest a little sour cream and lime to squeeze on top. Make this and you have a great meal that is good anytime of year.

  4. Sesame Chicken

    What makes this dish so great is that in less than 30 mins you can put together a healty dish that is packed with flavor. Serve over a bowl of rice or noodles to soak up the great tasting sauce. Also makes a great lunch for work or school the next day.

  5. Rice Pudding

    Warm and conforting in a bowl this dish brings back good memories or creates a few for those who eat it. Creamy rice with a little sweetness combined with cinnamon makes this a dish you will want to share with the whole family. I suggest serving while warm that way you can enjoy the smell of vanilla as you enjoy bite after bite. If there is any left over just enoy the folloing day for a cold creamy treat.

  6. Chicken Salad

    One of the most basic yet really great tasting salads to ever be created this dish is not only quick to pepare it is also very afforable. You can customize it by adding any veggies or flavors you like to create a version all your own. It can be served in in a wrap, on a bed of greens. Or you can sever it on a nice toasted roll for a quick meal.

  7. Tomato Soup

    This soup is a classic for a reason. Warm, simple to make, and fresh tasting are all the things that make this the perfect meal to make for a cold winter day. Served with a grilled cheese snadwich or just some bread for dunking this soup never fails to satisfy those in need of a little confort. I reccomend roasting your own tomatoes so that you can bring out their natural flavor rather than using those simply from a can.

  8. Apple Pie

     Crisp tart apples combined with cinnamon and sugar then baked in a rich buttery crust. This pie combines all the great things that you could want in a homemade dessert. Serve slighty warm with a big scoop of ice cream or coffee and this is a great way to cap the end of a meal.

  9. Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Butter, sugar, eggs, and chocolate do I need to say anymore? Each of these things when brought together create the one that eveyone thinks of when they hear the word cookie. While there are many other flavor options out there it is still one of the best. Served warm from the oven with a tall glass of cold milk it can not be beat.

  10. Classic Meatloaf

     No other dish is as well known to american families as this one is. Classic yet normally done very wrong it has become the nightmare of some. While there are those who hate it with a passion there are others that love the slighty caramelized meat best when it is sliced and served with mashed potatoes. It is great for a big crowd of people and is for making sandwiches the next day for lunch. 

I alot of people think that in order for something to be good it has to be complicated. Simple meals do not have to mean less flavor they just mean less time cooking and more time sharing your food with others. It is my hope that these dishes will inspire you to play around in your own kitchen. Taking the time to master these great classic dishes will allow you to build your skills to tackle any dish you wish. Don't be afriad to get your hands dirty because who knows maybe the result will be something really great. All it takes is a little imagination and effort.