My Favorite Eminem Songs

Published: May 31, 2014


Some people consider him to be one of the greatest m.c’s to ever pick up the microphone. With multi platinum success and more then a couple dozen hits under his belt it'll be hard to argue the fact. Marshall Mathers, known by his fans as Eminem is known for putting his blood, sweat and tears into all his music before taking center stage for the whole world to critique. Loved by many, hated by more, but second to none. Here is a list of some of my favorite Eminem songs that were either on his album or was featured on someone else's. Attributes that were taken into consideration were popularity, flow, delivery and overall ground breaking lyrics. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Stan

    Off the Marshall Mathers LP, the song "Stan" is about a crazy obsessed fan that continuously writes Eminem multiple fan letters over a period of time and gets a bit over anxious when Eminem doesn't reply back. As the song continues Stan get even more angry and obsessed until he reaches his breaking point. The story ends with Stan taking his own life never knowing that Eminem did indeed reply back to his letters, they just didn’t reach him in time.

  2. The Way I Am

    Also off the Marshall Mathers LP, the second single "The Way I Am" gives us a glimpse of the darker side of being famous in the spotlight. When I first heard this song I thought it was put together remarkably well from start to finish. Eminem displayed tremendous ability while delivering a breathtaking flow laced with energetic lyrics and passion. He rapidly fires line after line about being tired of all the attention he's getting and wishes it would all just stop and go away.

  3. Renegade

    Featured on Jay-Z's "The Blueprint" album, this song had the music industry buzzing with anticipation. Both m.c's displayed such passion and talent on these four verses it was utterly insane. Till this day you'll find people debating over who had the better verse or who outshined the other in this lyrical spar for the ages. In the end it doesn’t matter though, as long as we're left with another hip-hop classic to listen to.

  4. Cleanin' Out My Closet'_Out_My_Closet

    Here's another hit single that reached the Top 100 on the Billboard charts for Slim Shady a.k.a Eminem. Off his fourth album "The Eminem Show", this song shows a more serious Marshall Mathers putting his whole life out there once again for the world to see. On this song he touches on so many different topics showcasing to the world that he is infact a talented, gifted, emotional rollercoaster of a artist. Mainly focused on his relationship with his own mother, Eminem takes shots at her for the repeated substance abuse and failing to be a responsible parent. But if you ask me, I doubt we'll ever hear another m.c clean out his closet and air out his dirty laundry quite like Eminem.

  5. Forgot About Dre

    Featured on "The Chronic 2001", this song had Eminem and his mentor Dr. Dre exchanging verses on a crazy beat that gained instant success. The chorus of the song had Eminem firing his lines at breathtaking speed without a hiccup. At the Grammy’s in 2001 it was given a award for the Best Rap Performance by a Duo. Yet another reminder that Eminem is no fluke and deserve to be in the position he’s in. This won't be the last we hear from the dynamic duo so stay tuned rap univer

  6. Lose Yourself

    This song off the movie soundtrack "8 Mile" was a huge success at the 2004 Grammy Award Show. The song is based off the main character of the movie who goes by the name B-Rabbit, an aspiring rapper from Detroit trying to follow his music dreams while juggling the drama of everyday life. The song is like the blueprint for the entire movie summed up in one hit record. Following B-Rabbit as he struggles through his difficult beginnings of not being able to perform and live up to his expectations, to when he finally breaks free and takes a huge step forward into reaching his full potential as an artist.


  7. Nail In The Coffin

    I first heard this song in 2002 on a D.J Green Lantern mixtape. All though this song was not featured on any mainstream albums it did still created a huge buzz and had both the streets and the industry tuned in. “Nail In The Coffin” is a diss reply back to Benzino the former co-owner of The Source magazine. Rumor has it that this rap beef started when Benzino gave Eminem a horrible album rating in his magazine that many felt like he didn't deserve. Eminem then responded back with witty sarcastic comments in some of his songs in hopes of getting Benzino’s attention. Eventually Benzino did decided to fire back with a diss record of his own but little did he know Eminem was sitting on a arsonal of material waiting to be released like “The Sauce” and the gravedigging “Nail In The Coffin.”

  8. Rap God

    Released in 2013, the song “Rap God” is featured on Eminem’s 8th and latest album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2”. Just when some critics started doubting his talent and ability for lyricism the hiphop legend strikes again with another head turning record. Mainly focused on his precision flow and delivery, this song is like a breath of fresh air for the hiphop culture. Some consider it to be a fair warning for all mainstream and up and coming rappers to pick up their pens and head back to the drawing board.

  9. Headlights

    Also off “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” album, “Headlights” is a reconciliation song between Eminem and his mother Debbie. He goes on to apologize for taking out his frustration on songs like “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” and for not allowing her to visit her grandchildren and be apart of their lives. This songs shows a more older mature Marshall taking responsibility for his previous actions. With that part of his life in the past I know we all look forward to see what path he goes on next.

  10. Patiently Waiting

    Release in 2003, this song is featured on 50 Cent’s hit album “Get Rich Or Die Tryin”. Newly signed to Shady Aftermath, Mr. Curtis Jackson is ready to take the hiphop industry by storm with the help of Eminem and Dr. Dre. This song opened up a world of opportunity for 50 Cent and Eminem both. It gave Marshall the street notoriety he needed and in return gave 50 the credibility he needed for mainstream exposure. Another hiphop classic where Eminem proves to the world he could match wits with just about anyone on a microphone.

So if you are anything like me and your a fan of the hiphop culture, you have to admire the hard work and effort that Eminem puts in with every project release. From the first album to his last album you could expect to hear something new that’ll capture your undivided attention. And to the million Eminem fan in the world today, make your own list and see how it compares to mine. Remember this is MY personal favorite list so yours might be totally different and that's perfectly okay.