The Best Love Movies Of All Time

Published: May 31, 2014

The list consists of the best love movies of all time. 

  1. A Walk To Remember

    Although the girl is diagnosed with leukemia, the guy still loves her and marries her because he loves her. The girl is unpopular in school, daughter of a preacher, and the guy is the most popular guy in school. While that did matter to the guy's reputation at first, it does not matter to him in the end. 

  2. Love And Other Drugs

    Another movie where the woman has Parkinson's disease and believe that no man will love her because of her disease. The man sells perscription drugs and meets the girl at one of her doctors appointments. He does everything he can to help her get better because he loves her. He loves her realizing how hard it is to take care of a woman with that kind of disease. 

  3. Friends With Benefits

    The guy and girl in the movie are just friends but they have benefits. Much like real life guys and girls with benefits become more than friends.. this movie describes it perfectly!

  4. No Strings Attached

    The guy and the girl have sex for the first time and agree to keep their relationship only physical. Another movie where they are friends with benefits and then they end up falling in love. 

  5. How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days

    Both of their jobs entitle them to date someone for random reasons. One needs to write a newspaper article and the other for a bet with their coworkers. Both begin to fall in love realizing that the newspaper article nor the bet really even matters. 

  6. Sweet Home Alabama

    The woman becomes engaged to the President's son but it winds up that the woman never got divorced from her first husband. She goes back home to Alabama to divorce her ex husband but he doesn't make it easy. She ends up falling back into love with her ex husband and realizing that's the only guy she's loved since she was young. 

  7. The Vow

    While this movie has a terrible ending, it is based on a true story which is intriguing. The guy and the girl fall in love but they end up getting into a horrific car crash. The girl ends up crashing through the windshield and wakes up in the hospital without any memory of the latter part of her life. She nevers remembers getting married to this man nor anything about him. He begins to make her try to fall in love with him for a second time. 

  8. Dear John

    A girl and a guy fall in love within two breaks while he is on leave from the army and she is home from spring break. They agree to write letters back and forth until he decides to enlist again. She cannot emotionally handle him deciding to enlist so she moves on with her life. 

  9. 50 First Dates

    The girl suffers from amnesia after getting into a severe car crash. The guy falls in love with her from afar. He tries to get to know the girl without having knowledge of her condition. They end up getting married and the girl has to watch a video every morning to remind her that who her husband is and to help her memory as to what has happened in her life. 

  10. Crazy, Stupid, Love

    Recently divorced Cal meets a hot, younger man at the bar named Jacob. Jacob takes Cal under his sleeve in order to teach Cal how to be a man in front of the woman. He begins to teach Cal how to flirt with the woman and take woman home. While Cal takes girls home and out on dates, he still misses his ex wife. A few weeks later Cal finds that Jacob is no longer showing up to the bar like usual. Jacob finds a girl he actually loves and Cal finds his way back home. 

The best love movies are A Walk To Remember, Love and Other Drugs and Friends With Benefits. While other people may disagree, this list definitely consists of some of the best/ most recent love movies!