Best muscle cars of all time.

Published: May 31, 2014

The best muscle cars, in my opinion. 

  1. Ford Mustang

    It's the only known muscle car to never go on a hiatus,. It's always had a year of production since 1964. Even during the gas crisis in the 1970's, it was still in production, despite the brief period that it used the Ford Pinto chassis back then. It's also been widely-used in many iconic movies, including Bullitt and Gone In 60 Seconds (both the old and new movie versions). Among the different model version of the Mustang, the original Shelby Mustangs are among the rarest. 

  2. Chevrolet Corvette

    Although it only had one year without a mass-produced model available to the public, which was back in 1983, the Corvette has been widely produced since late 1953. Next to the Mustang, the Corvette is widely popular with muscle car enthusiasts. It, like the Mustang, had rare variations that are sought after. Among these, the Yenko-built Corvettes are among the rarest Corvette models. 

  3. Dodge Charger

    Not including the new-generation models, the Dodge Charger is another contender in the old muscle car wars. Among it's different versions, the 1969 and 1970 model years are the most sought-after model years of the Charger. It was made famous by things like The Dukes Of Hazzard and, like the Mustang, the movie Bullitt. Like the Mustang and Corvette, it's still in production today, but it did have a very long hiatus without any models produced to the general public. 

These three muscle cars might be old-timers, but a lot of them have survived the test of time and the gas wars. Cars like these are what make America's heart beat, then and now.