The ten best types of Cardio Gym Equipment

Published: May 30, 2014

Going to the gym and looking for the best way to maximize your cardio workouts?  Here a list of the 10 best cardio machines available to achieve your goals!

*Using a heart rate monitor greatly improves the overall workout experience.

*It is always important to consult your physician before starting an exercise regiment 


    This classic exercise machine utilizes both upper and lower body movement and effectively burns calories. The Ski machine is a very low impact exercise. Your knees and hips will be thanking you!

    The motion is surprisingly accurate in regards to the actual cross country ski motion. Just dont worry about the snow, freezing temperatures, and maybe wolves?

    Burn calories indoors and glide your way to a terrific cardio workout!


    The human equivalent of a hamster wheel, the exercise ladder is a very effective way to get your work out going. Its as easy as it looks. Just keep climbing the ladder and you'll incorporate a total body workout. Its low a low impact way to get your cross-training fix. You can go as fast as you want or maintain a steady pace. And hey, the next time you have to fix the roof you'll have no problems getting up there!


    Who says the only way to pedal is with your feet? The Arm bike allows the user to sit comfortably and engage in a upper body cardio workout. Work your shoulders, arms and back without lifting a single weight. Similar to other machines you'll be able to increase or decrease tension to maximize your results. Its also a great way to engage your core muscles. 

    So kick up your feet and take the arm bike out for a spin!


    Every time you move away it just wants to bring you closer. This is an apt description of the rower. For those of us who like to row in lakes or if you're just looking for an exercise that incorporates the upper and lower body the rower is a terrific option. It's an effective way to burn calories while toning your muscles.

    Just like other machines you can dictate how fast you use it as well as the resistance. Easily one of the best machines if you're bored of doing the same old exercises. The more you row the more calories that go!


    What goes up must come down. In the case of a stepper things are going up and down very quickly. A great way to focus on the glutes the stepper allows you to get in a rhythm as well as increase and decrease your own pace. Its very effective at working the core and its not complicated to use at all. As with other exercise machines you can  increase and decrease the resistance.

    The first step is the hardest. Just take it step by step. Using this machine will be a step in the right direction. Okay I'll stop.


    Its just like riding a bike. Except you're not going anywhere but to cardio city! The classic gym exercise gives you a very relatable, efficient experience.

    You've been on your feet all day at work? Why don't you take a seat and burn some calories?

    The upright bike is simple to operate and makes monitoring your progress easy. You can increase your resistance to make pedaling more difficult as well as track your speed and distance.

    Go ahead and grab a book, you can read all you want while you pedal. Just don't read and bike outdoors!


    Like riding bikes, just not sitting on those tiny seats? The recumbent bike allows you to get a great workout while also benifitting from comfort. The recumbent bike has a large back seat as well as a spacious bottom seat.

    You're also going to be in a very low impact, parallel angle that feels very confortable on the knee joints. Just like the upright bikes, you'll be able to increase and decrease resistance as well as monitor how fast you're moving. Recumbent bikes are a great way to workout your quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

    So lean back, relax and work out hard!


    Easily the best option for bicycle enthusiasts, the spin bike takes advantage of a heavy fly wheel to effectively replicate the sensation that you are riding a real bike. It even uses real handlebars, bicycles seats, and petals!

    For the social gym members, this exercise is often done in the form of classes. In these classes an instructor dictates the pace and motivates you and your fellow spinsters to maximize your cardio. This instructor will more than likely play music that'll pump you up!



    Ahh, the trusty treadmill. There is a reason why there are so many treadmill machines in gyms. And there is a reason why they are constantly being used.

    The treadmill allows the user to walk, run, or jog in a safe environment. Dont worry about jogging outside in the middle of the night or near traffic.

    Just like a lot of other machines, you'll be able to increase or decrease the pace of your exercise. On top of that you can easily increase the incline to make it feel as if you're running uphill. Don't want to run fast? Simple. Increase the incline and receive a very optimum workout by simpling walking uphill.

    Your parents had to walk uphill both ways to and from school. Now you can do it in the safety of the gym!


    Elliptical machines are easily the best form of cardio exercise. The elliptical motion is known to provide the lowest impact on your knees. There is no jerking, unnatural motions involved. Many machines allow you to increase or decrease the resistance making the exercise harder or easier to perform.

    On top of that many ellipticals will allow the user to increase or decrease the incline. This allows the user to focus more on the different parts of the lower body. By increasing the incline the user is able to focus more on the quadracepts. By decreasing the incline the user is able to focus more on the hamstrings. All the while incorporating the arms in a natural swinging motion.

    The elliptical is an easy, low impact, way to efficiently burn calories. A must-do exercise for anyone looking to go full circle!

In conclusion, any of these exercises are a great way to workout. By mixing and matching some of these different machines you'll be able to keep things interesting as well as tone and focus on different parts of your bodies. If you prefer one over the other, than great! There is nothing wrong with playing favorites in the cardio world. Work hard, have fun, and live well.