The Best Places to get Designer for Serious Discounts

Published: April 8, 2014

I wouldn't say I'm stingy, but I like to make my money go as far as possible... and I don't have cheap taste.  My dad once said I have champagne taste but on a beer budget.  But I'm a problem solver and I want what I like.  Doesn't every girl? (and guy, if they're willing to admit it ;)  This is my list of the best places to score designer for a bargain.


    This may sound like a sketchy option, but there are some REAL deals on here.  My favorite searches are for "vintage" designers; my favorite is Christian Dior.  You can often find AUTHENTIC and unique things for a steal.  I got a Dior ("punk" early 90s) bag for $30.  No Joke.  But a word to the wise: if it says it's "brand new" and a fraction of the sticker price, it's either fake or stolen over 99% of the time.  And ALWAYS check the seller's rating, both their percent and the specific

  2. Ross

    I know, I know... you might get a headache just trying to browse through the isles, but go during the slow times (middle of the day when the kids are in school) you can shop in privacy and you'll be shocked at some of the deals you find.  My extra trick, browse the clearance areas.  Sometimes they're damaged or missing an item, but this makes them significantly discounted.  When I was in college, I bought a full kitchen set of plates, bowls, and coffee cups; it had one small plate missing, so I got the whole set for $7.99 down from the orignial price over over $60.  Also, they have a great selection of designer fragrances BUT you would want to use them quickly.  Fragrances have a shelf life (usually 3-5 years).  After they're discontinued or sit on the shelf too long, they get sent to places like Ross.

  3. T.J. Maxx

    If you haven't been there, think of it as an upscale Ross.  Prices are a little higher, but you'll find designers from department stores and higher.  It's organized and has a great selection.  It's like a discount department store.  Usually the stuff there is "last season" not damaged (contrary to popular belief).  You can find legit designer handbags, coats, and

I love all three stores, but ebay is my favorite.  I am biased because I love designer vintage and garage sales are about the only other place you can find these things.  AND you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home to shop.  You can sit in your jammies and browse through thousands of bargains.  But as I said before, buyer beware: if it sounds WAY too good to be true, it probably is.  And I suggest to ONLY pay through paypal!  It's the best option to protect yourself from scammers