Wood Stoves Direct

Published: December 30, 2020


Wood Stoves Direct is a major supplier of various types of Ború Stoves in the UK.They offer a wide variety of Boiler Stoves, Dry Stoves, Fire Stoves Log Stoves and many others. Their product quality is assured and trustworthy. Check out their website.


Wood Stoves Direct is the exclusive distributor of Ború Stoves to the UK market. With a Ború Stove, you are buying a handmade, high-end, high-quality, long lasting stove. The value of a Ború Stove can’t just be measured in heat output, or efficiency ratings. It is the care that is taken when hand building each and every product. Whatever setting or application, we want to make sure that you get a stove that will meet your needs and requirements. Whether it’s a dry or a boiler stove, from the smallest dwelling to a large house we have a Ború Wood Burning Stove that will meet your every need, be it for Traditional or Contemporary setting. And we are here for the long-haul, for your questions and your queries, we’ll be here to help.


Business Name: Wood Stoves Direct

Contact Person : Kevin Doyle

Address: 3013 Lake Drive, Citywest

Dublin, Ireland


Phone: 014394010


Email: kevin@rainmakeronlinemarketing.ie


Hours Of Business Operations: 9-5 Monday to Friday




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