The best makeup foundation

Published: April 8, 2014

1) value for the price 2) coverage 3) time without having to touch-up 

  1. Lancome: Teint Miracle

    In my opinion, it is THE BEST foundation available.  I have 'difficult' skin and I never thought I would get compliments on my complexion.  Since I started wearing this foundation, AT LEAST once a month, someone asks what kind of makeup I wear because it looks "perfect", "flawless", "glowing", etc.  It provides what it advertises; a glow from within.  

  2. Mac: Studio Fix

    This was my go-to foundation whenever I worked in Los Angeles (not kidding) because it has great coverage and lasts all day even under hot lights with minimal touch ups.  But be careful!  A little bit goes a long way... or else you'll look like a pancake.

  3. Chanel: Mat Lumiere

    It's a little more expensive than some of the others, but it offers great coverage that looks very natural.  It's not greasy by any means, but it has a youthful glow  Whenever I purchased this product for the first time, I had friends ask if I had had a facial because it doesn't look like any normal makeup; it looked naturally flawless.

My first choice (for daily use) is Lancome Teint Miracle.  I have acne prone skin and this is one of the only makeup foundations I've ever found that doesn't make me break out.  I know it might seem expensive (compared to drug store brands), but 1 bottle, that I use every day, lasts me about 6 months, which is FAR longer than any drug store brand ever has.  And as I mentioned above, I get compliments all the time.  And let's be honest, what girl doesn't want to be told, "omg your face looks perfect!"  Enough said ;)