Best Ice Cream Places in Milwaukee

Published: April 8, 2014

This list is about the best ice cream in milwaukee and it's based most on taste. 

  1. Kopp's Ice Cream

    THE BEST. It's so rich and they usually have at least two flavor's of the day and one sundae of the month. SO. MANY. OPTIONS. 

  2. Leon's

    You most certainly not go wrong with a place that a few of the US presidents have gone to. 

  3. Oscar's

    Great ice cream with a side of a burger and fries, yum yum yum! 

  4. Culver's

    This was started in WI, can't go wrong! Delish and rich! 

  5. Dairy Queen

    many options! 

Kopps will always be the best, in my opinion!