The Best Prepaid Smartphones under $200.00 as of 4/2014

Published: April 7, 2014

The Best Prepaid Smartphones under $200.00 as of 4/2014. There are many powerful capable smarphones available in the market place some as much as $700. I am a cheapskate though and do not want to pay $700.00 nor do I want a contract plan that is $100.00 my budget just can take that. This llist is for people looking for a smartphone and not a feature phone and no contracts.

  1. Lumia 521/520 (Nokia) Tmobile or AT&T most likely found for $89.99

    The Lumia 521/520 has its limitations. First and most glaring for me is there is not flash for the camera. I am sorry but I need my camera flash to use as a flash light when a stand alone flashlight is not available. Also this device does not have a front facing camera. Sacrifices were made to get the price down so low. The good things are the price, it is a full featured smartphone, and accepts micro sd cards so you can add more storage for movies and music. Also the navigation feature is very good. Uses window phone 8 and will be updated to windows phone 8.1.

  2. Nokia Lumia 620 from Aiowireless most likely found for $99

    I find this device to be better than the Lumia 520/521. It is still an entry level smartphone but it has a camera flash and front facing camera that is absent from the 520/521. The major draw backs of this device are it does not support 4G LTE and the screen is small at 3.8 inches. My other minor gripe is that is does not come in traditional smartphone colors such as black or white but there are many covers available online for less than $10.00. Uses windows phone 8.

  3. LG Optimus F3 from Virgin mobile USA usually found for $149.99

    Major pluses for the LG Optimus F3 are it supports 4G LTE, it has a robust battery, and a modest screen size at 4 inches. The downsides are it uses the Sprint networks and those networks are not always that great outside major cities. This devices uses android operation system. There are more than 700,000 apps available.

  4. Samsung Galaxy Exhibit from Metro PCS usually about $129.99

    This device is super decent. Screen is small when compared to most modern smartphones at 3.8 inches. This is an android device. It is very meh overall  and strictly entry level. The price is what makes it worth it. There are some better devices on this list. But this will get the job done. Great for kids. This device uses android operating system.

  5. LG Optimus F6 from Metro PCS usually found for 199.99

    I know it is only $0.01 less than $200.00 but it is less. This is a good phone. The screen is 4.5 inches, it supports 4G LTE, and supports NFC. NFC is not a feature I use personally but it is rare for devices in this price range but not essential to most users. This is an android device.

  6. LG Mach from Boost Mobile usually found for $179.99

    The LG Mach has a slide out keyboard which I find very useful for typing email or text that require more substance than "where r u" or "brb". The downsides are the thickness. This devices is a little on the chunky side. It does support 4G LTE though also uses the Sprint networks though. This is an android device.

  7. Motorola Moto G unlocked $199.99

    You can bring an unlocked device to any gsm carrier like tmobile, att, or any one that uses sim cards. Also call and ask. I suggest the 199.99 version with 16GB of memory. This deivce does not support 4G LTE which is a bummer but you get a sharp 4.5 inch screen, 1GB ot RAM (which is rare for device at this price most have 512 RAM and some apps do not work). You can also find on other prepaid networks for $99.99 to $129.99. You also cannot add any more memory because there are no micro sd slots. This is an android device.

  8. Samsung Galaxy Light from Tmobile usually from $199.99

    I have seen this device cheaper on QVC or HSN for 149.99. It is not a bad little device. It has a quad core processor, support 4G LTE, and has 1GB of RAM. It is a zippy little device. This is an android device.

  9. Samsung Galaxy Reverb from Virgin Mobile USA usually $199.99

    I recommend for the cheapest of cheapskates only. It will get the job done. What most people want to do with a smartphone is make calls, send and receive texts, check emails, and use the navigation. This phone does all that. It perfoms most tasks well and wont cause much trouble. This is an android device.

  10. HTC Ones SV from Boost Mobile usually $199.99

    The screen is 4.3 inches which is not too small. It also supports 4G LTE. Battery is not great. This device runs smoothly. HTC is nototious for noy updating android devices. So you may never see any updates to latest version of android for this phone. At least it isnt too expensive.

There are no Apple iPhone products because I could not find any available new for under $200.00  but there are plenty available used on ebay and other places. Another draw back is most of these devices may get spotty updates which I dont like but there is a lot to like for cheapskates.