Signs Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Is Falling For Your Friend

Published: April 6, 2014

There is someone for everyone. That moment when you are suspecting that your special someone may have eyes for another may be devastating, especially if that other person is your friend. Maybe you are being paranoid...or are you? Below are ten signs that may mean your partner has a crush on your friend.

  1. They Have Alot In Common

    It is not as easy as it sounds to find someone that you have a lot in common with. Your friend and your partner may realize that they have a lot in common, and they make talk non-stop about these similar interests. This may not mean much, but it may be the basis for a budding crush.

  2. They Like Or Comment Alot On Social Profiles

    It's great to integrate your partner with your friends. However, when you notice that your partner is constantly liking and commenting on the friend's social profile, this may be a cause for concern. Especially when he is usually not on social profiles, he may be now just to interact with your friend more.

  3. Your Partner Asks Alot Of Questions

    It is great for your partner to care about the well-being of others who you care about, such as your friends. However, if they are consistently asking about this one friend, that may be concerning. If your partner is trying to get more information about your friend's background, they are showing interest in knowing them on a deeper level.

  4. Your Friend Keeps Getting Invited...By Your Partner

    If you plan a night out for you two, and your partner suggest that you invite your friend, this may be concerning. A few times is allright, but if they keep wanting the two-some to be a three-some, then your partner really wants to see your friend again.

  5. Your Partner Keeps Checking Out Your Friend

    So, you gave in and invited the friend along. But oh no, now you keep catching your partner staring at them. This may be a sign that your partner finds your friend attractive and intriguing, as they can't get their eyes off of them. Your partner should not be attempting to lock eyes with anyone's but yours.

  6. Your Partner Seems Attentive To Your Friend's Needs

    Does your partner try to be really nice to your friend? Every little need that your friend asks or doesn't ask for, does your partner jump up to volunteer? This may be a sign beyond the idea that your partner just wants to be nice to your friend. Your partner now wants to make your friend happy, as they are starting to care about them.

  7. Your Partner Gets Distant

    Is the quality of your love life with your partner diminishing? If even cuddling rarely happens between you and your partner, they may be withdrawing their feelings from you. This action in combination with others may mean that they are now aware of their feelings for your friend, and are separating themselves from you to figure it out.

  8. Your Friend Gets Distant

    Is your friend also starting to get distant with you? Whether your friend likes your partner back or not, they may be getting distant as they start feeling the vibes from your partner. This is always an awkward situation, and would be natural for your friend to want to create space from you.

  9. They Want To Hang Out Without You Being There

    Your partner now wants to hang out with your friend alone. They create reasons for why they should. Maybe it's an event that you aren't interested in, but they are. Either way, the three-some becomes a two-some again, but with you excluded. If your partner feels too comfortable hanging out with your friend alone, this may be an issue.

  10. They Tell You

    Finally, your partner may come clean. They may tell you of their interest in your friend and why. At this point you will have to tell your partner your honest opinions about them pursuing your friend. Your partner does not have to respect your wishes, so be prepared for this.

lt is hard to find out that you may not be "the one" for your partner. However, the world will not end. Talk to your partner, as this may be a phase for them, which could be a reflection of unfixed issued in the relationship. It may be possible to still work things out. Sometimes, it is not a phase. If your partner and your friend love you, they will respectfully pursue their relationship together.