Ten First Date Ideas More Interesting Than Dinner And A Movie

Published: April 6, 2014

Dating is never easy. What's even harder is choosing where to have that first date. A good mood setting can be all the difference between a great time and a bland time. Here are ten first date ideas other than the standard dinner and a movie.

  1. Museum

    Going to a museum may not be the first place to think of having a date. However, it would be a great place to have alone time with your special one. A museum is quiet, so great for chit-chat without being distracted by other conversations. You can also impress your date with any fun facts about the displays. Your date may even surprise you with facts of their own.

  2. Picnic

    Having a picnic in a beautiful setting creates a great mood. Bonus points if you prepare the picnic food yourself, or even having both parties contribute. Don't forget to check the weather beforehand! 

  3. Take A Class Together

    Learning something new can create a bonding experience between you and your date. Some great class ideas include wine tasting, painting and sculpting.

  4. Go For A Walk On A Scenic Route

    A scenic environment always sets the mood. Walking stimulates conversation, so you can get to know your date even better.


  5. Small Live Music Show

    Going to a live music show can awaken the artistic side of you and your date. Going to a venue that you and your date enjoy would ensure that both parties have a great time. Be sure to keep it small so that you two don't get lost in the crowd.

  6. Volunteer Together

    Volunteering can be a great way to show your date that you care about your environment and your community.

  7. Dancing

    Dancing can be sensual, but be careful not to let it be too sensual for a first date. Keep the dancing friendly and you will have a great time without you or your date feeling uncomfortable.

  8. Festival

    There are many types of festivals. Depending on the interests of you and your date, you can go to an art or even music festival. Have fun walking around with your date and experiencing all of the food and activities that a festival has to offer.

  9. Comedy Club

    Dates can make you anxious and uncomfortable. A great way to relieve that tension is to go to a comedy club. It would also be a great way to explore your date's humor.

  10. Drive-In Movie

    Take a new twist on this date classic and go to a drive-in theater.This would impress your date by being unconventional.

Dating can be fun. Even if both parties do not continue to see each other, having a great time can make the whole experience worth it.