My Favorite Superpowers

Published: April 6, 2014

Let’s face it, at one point or another most people thought about how cool it would be to have your very own super power. What would you do with those superpowers? Will you use them for the greater good or for your own needs. This list I generated is soley on my own opinion and based off how I would use them day to day for my normal everyday life. Enjoy!

  1. Power of Flight


    How cool would it be if you could take off like a rocket ship headed towards space faster than a speeding bullet? Or maybe you just want to cruise the globe and take in the sights of the world. Either way it’ll be totally awesome to be able to fly like Superman and Wonder Woman and see the planet through a birds eye view.

  2. Power of Speed

    If you are anything like the Flash, you will be able to generate enough speed to go through solid objects with no problem at all. You might be able to move so fast time itself will look like it is frozen. Imagine never being late for another business meeting again or running errands in the blink of an eye. Now how awesome would that be?


  3. Power to Read Minds


    Did you ever go on a first date with someone and wondered if the girl or guy was honestly interested in you? Or maybe you just want to be able to listen to people’s most private inner thoughts with them ever knowing about it. I could think of a million “wrong” reasons to have this power but I won’t go into detail about it, so for now just use your imagination.

  4. Power to Self-Heal


    Imagine taking on the world and feeling like you are indestructible. No need to worry anymore about getting injured while playing sports or falling off your motorcycle. If you happen to break a few bones don’t worry it’s only temporary. If you are anything like Wolverine you will be able to heal in a matter of seconds.

  5. Power To Teleport

    Some people might think the power to teleport should be higher on the list and you may be right. If you are late for a meeting why fly like Superman or run like the Flash when you could just teleport like Nightcrawler! The only problem I could see using teleportation would be you might teleport right in front of a moving bus, and without powers like Wolverine that would end really bad for you.


“With great powers come great responsibilities”. With thousands of super powers to choose from i’m interested in knowing which ones you would pick if you had a choice. Create your own list and lets see how they match up. Will you use your powers for good or evil, you decide. I hope you enjoy my list of Favorite Super Powers.