My Favorite Comic Book Superhero/Mutants

Published: April 6, 2014

Who growing up didn’t wish they had superpowers? If you are anything like me, super heroes played a major part in your childhood. From Saturday morning cartoons to cheesy T.V shows, most of us imagined what it would be like at some point to be superhuman. Here is a list of my favorite superhero/mutants of all time based on powers, popularity and all around coolness.

  1. Batman

    It’s kind of funny that my favorite superhero has no actual superpowers. But I have to give the caped crusader the number one spot. I often wondered what it would be like to be a troubled millionaire with a vigilante side, so with no chance of that happening I lived vicariously through Bruce Wayne. Cool costume, awesome gadgets and the best rides money could buy makes Batman my favorite hero of all time.



  2. Wolverine

    A major part of the X-Men team, Wolverine has to be one of the coolest mutants walking the planet. With fast healing powers, super quick speed and indestructible claws on each hand, Wolverine is not someone you want to mess with. On top of all that he ages really well for a old timer.


  3. Superman

    Every woman’s ideal man, Clark Kent is a part-time farm boy full-time superhero. With a huge assortment of powers like superhuman speed and strength, x-ray and heat vision, remarkable recuperative powers, flight and indestructibility, it’s no wonder they nicknamed him the Man of Steel. Part of the Justice League alongside Batman and a few others, you could rest assure if there is any evildoing in the world he’ll be there faster than a speeding bullet.

  4. Ironman

    Here is another billionaire playboy that I often fantasized about being as a kid. Tony Starks might very well be the most popular member of the Avenger team. I mean let’s be honest people, have you ever seen anything more cooler then the Ironman suit? And of course being a billionaire he couldn’t have just one so he went on to build a variety of suits, each specializing in something different.


  5. Storm



    Another member of the X-Men team, Storm was one of my favorite female heroes to watch. With the powers to manipulate and resist bad weather as well as flight she is one bad mutant. Made popular to the younger generation threw the X-Men movies, Storm has an interesting backstory to her development before joining the X-Men team that many know about. If you are looking for a good read and don’t know too much about her you should give the comics a try.


Super human strength, the ability to fly, super healing, awesome gadgets, cool costumes, it’s no wonder why people feel in love with superhero/mutants as children. What more amazing is that we continue to love them and follow them on their daily adventures. If you are anything like me I know you can’t wait to see what Hollywood has in store for us in the next couple of years. But before I go here is a quick list of honorable mentions: Wonderwoman, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, The Flash, Green Lantern, Cyclops, The Human Torch, Green Arrow, Daredevil etc.