My Top 5 Fast-Food Chains

Published: April 6, 2014

Well, maybe it isn't the healthiest diet, but fast-food is my life-source. I eat out once or twice daily, and often frequenting familiar locales. I don't enjoy cooking, shopping, or even cleaning dishes, so what do I do? Not those things. I choose to eat out not because of my busy life, but because I don't like doing those things and, being single, I don't have someone else to do them for me. I figured I would share my personal favorite fast-food resturaunts. The list will go from most frequented to least.

  1. Carl's Jr./ Green Burrito

    Note that this is a combination of Carl's Jr. and Green Burrito. More often than not, it seems as though these two are inseperable, so I'm allowing them on the list together. This combo-joint is number one because of its vast array of choices. Burgers, chicken, burritos, and now even hotdogs. Great food and decent prices.

  2. Burger King

    Ah yes, the king of burgers, not that I typically get the burgers. I tend to go for their Original Chicken Sandwich. Coming in at number two, BK is fast, cheap, and still great tasting. One other perk is that many locations are installing the futuristic touch-screen soda machine. I like chery-vanilla Coke.

  3. Sub-Way

    What kind of a list would this be with only burger joints? I like to visit Sub-Way for a quick and cheap turkey sandwich. Rubber in the bread? Not any more. The key likeable feature of this resturaunt is the sheer nmber of locations it can be found. Pretty much every other block will have one.

  4. Panda Express

    I enjoy long walks to my local Panda Express, and sun-bathing on thier patio eating a hot oriental meal. With a higher price point, Panda comes in at number four, serving some of the best orange chicken in town. They also pu on a decent show as the food is cooked in plain sight allowing you to see the action first-hand. Did I mention the orange chicken?

  5. In-N-Out Burger

    The food here is definitely the best tasting, but the long drive there plus the high-end prices put In-N-Out near the bottom. I'm not saying it's worse than any of these other places, because you must remember this list is ordered by which is most visited. I love In-N-Out. It isn't quite as fast as a typical fast-food resturaunt, but that's only because they are so popular they are always busy. This is why it's number five on my list.

While In-N-Out is my favorite place taste-wise, Carl's Jr./ Green Burrito is number one for it's wide food variety. I can go there and get something different for every day of the week. I love all fast-food resturaunts. I get to enjoy good food without the hassle of cleaning dishes, or finding time to prepare and cook a meal.