The Top 10 Best Common Magic Cards I Haven't Used In A Deck Yet

Published: November 14, 2013

This list contains the 10 best common Magic: The Gathering cards that can be used in the Pauper format, that I have yet to actually use. They may be build-around-me, or just merely 'pretty neat', but either way I haven't found a way to fully utilize them yet. These are all pulled from my Bookmarks folder containing cards I pause on daily, only to shake my head and continue ignoring.

  1. Ember Weaver

    Ember Weaver

    What I really like about this card is that in a R/G deck this becomes a 3/3 first striking, reacher for 3 mana. For a common creature released in 2009, it's still strong against the myriad of other creatures out there. And R/G is always a popular deck choice, so there's no excuse for this card not to always being living up to its full potential as a 3/3.

  2. Spur Grappler

    Spur Grappler

    Now I know there's going to be a lot of people poo-pooing this one, since it's just a semi-vanilla creature with an obvious downside. But to me--to me!--it says that it's a 4/2 for 3 mana, which is still above the curve. I'm not saying you should use this in a deck where you want to hold back spells for your opponent's turn. But for an all-in sort of deck, this screams power and speed.

  3. Toxic Iguanar

    Toxic Iguanar

    I know both green and black already have a 1-drop deathtoucher. But red doesn't, and it's not really even in it's colorpie. So if you can include this in your R/G deck you're going to have a good time with both this and Sedge Scorpion. That's 8 creatures that double as removal!

  4. Wingrattle Scarecrow

    Wingrattle Scarecrow

    Now here's a very odd pick, but hear me out. What we have here is pretty much the perfect beater for a U/B deck. For 3 mana, you get a 2/2 with both flying and wither. That's way above the curve. Alright, sure you need a black and a blue permanent, but if you're setting your deck up right, you can usually satisfy those requirements with just one multicolored card.

  5. Gaw to the Bone

    Gnaw to the Bone

    Here's a card that is seeming some marginal play, just not by me. I tried to make a cycling deck with it and, while it was fun to play with, it takes way too long to get going. Still, you can't argue with all the lifegain-potential it has, and I know there's a deck for it to shine in.

  6. Grim Harvest

    Grim Harvest

    This card is actually a really cool combo piece in a deck that wants to keep reusing the same creature over and over again. I don't know what creature that would be exactly, and if it's worth the cost of the creature+Recover+Grim Harvest. Buuut... it might be. I know there's a deck for it somewhere.

  7. Silkbind Faerie

    Silkbind Faerie

    This is the perfect card. It's a pinger and a control card all wrapped up into one. What you do is you tap to attack with it, then on your opponent's turn you untap it so their creature can't attack, then you use it to block since it has decent defense also. Maybe it's the untap sign that throws people off, but it should find a place in a deck. I was thinking of using it in a turbofog deck with this being the win-con.

  8. Gathan Raiders

    Gathan Raiders

    Here's a card that probably got some use while it was in Standard but hasn't shown up in many Pauper decks as of late. Which is odd, considering it's very much on the same power level as another rare card, Balduvian Horde, which I know saw play as a red version of the iconic Juzam Djin. This card effectively says 'pay 3 mana, discard a card: get a 5/5 beater'. I'm ignoring the hellbent drawback, because in red your hand is always empty by turn four.

And there you have it! The top 10 Magic cards that I am currently not using, but hope to one day find a home for in a deck that isn't too terrible. I know the meta for Pauper decks doesn't usually allow for creatively, especially when you're facing down mono-blue control, goblins, and affinity. But you can always be the first one to innovate and have others follow your lead!