The Top 3 Best Games on PS3

Published: April 5, 2014

Even with the Sony PlayStation breaking sales records worldwide. There is no reason to sell your PS3 just yet. There are still plenty of awesome games that are still available on the popular platform. These games are some of the most riveting and interesting games that you can still get before you stop playing your PS3!

  1. The Last of US

    Topping off the list is The Last of Us. The Last of Us is arguable the best game to be released on the Sony PS3. If you don't have it by now, you need to get it. The game has won many "Game of the Year" awards and has sold over 6 million copies. 

  2. Beyond: Two Souls

    Beyond: Two Souls had the misfortune of coming out around the same time as Grand Theft Auto V. Given the insane amount of hype that GTAV got, it seems like Beyond never stood a chance. With that being said, Beyond: Two Souls is another innovative game that is unlike any other game out there. The graphics are photo-realistic and real actors are motion capped for all of the scenes.

  3. Valkyria Chronicles

    Too many people have a PS3 and have not played this amazing exclusive. Valkyria Chronicles is a tactical, turn-based JRPG that turns the entire genre over on its head. Players get "turns," but have the ability to control their troops from a 3rd person shooter perspective. All in all, Valkyria Chronicles is the best and most underrated game in the entire PS3 library. 

All in all, these are the best games that are still available on the PS3. One is a critically-acclaimed action horror game that changed the way games were looked at as an art form. The other is a well-done experiment and a cinematic achievement in acting and gaming. The other is challenging JRPG with interesting mechanics. No PS3 owner should go without playing these games.