Best Deal of the Day Websites

Published: November 14, 2013

This list will be of the best deal a day websites.  I know there are a million of them out there so this will be only the ones I have had nothing but good experiences with.  Scope and quality of the deals will be the primary criteria.

  1. Groupon


    I personally think Groupon is the best of the bunch.  With a good mixture of activities and items it always seems to find something, at a great deal, for me.  Also identifying deals around my area is a nice touch for a site of this size

  2. Livingsocial

    Again, I am placing a value on local suggestions and activities over items.  These two characteristics are what make Livingsocial come in at number two.  I cannot tell you the number of times a boring weekend has been saved by this site.

  3. Woot!

    Woot! very well may be the grandfather of all deal a day sites.  While it is an old site in comparison with these other up and comers it still consistently puts up deals on things that everyone could use.  The variety of sub-woot sites is a great addition that really makes this a site everyone could use.

While Groupon took the top spot for me all of these sites should be something you consider the next time you are hunting for deals on the web.  Be sure to check them often too as that is the beauty of the deal a day model.