Favorite Energy Drinks

Published: April 4, 2014


Who isn’t in need of a energy boost every once in a while? If you're anything like me, your average cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it any more. Here is a list of my favorite energy drinks on the market today. The attributes I took into consideration are energy boost efficiency and flavor. Enjoy!

  1. Redbull

    By far my favorite energy drink on the market today has to be Redbull. When it comes to taste and efficiency Redbull is my first choice to jump start my day. Redbull offers different options if you are worried about sugar intake, such as zero calories and sugar free. What I like best of all is that Redbull offers different size cans for you to pick from.




  2. Monster

    Monster energy drinks took a while to grow on me. Since they have such a huge selection of options it took me a while before I discovered which one I liked best. And the winner of my favorite Monster drink has to be the sugar-free, low carb can. I wish their cans weren’t so big at times because quite frankly 16 oz could be too much to consume sometimes. It’ll be nice if Monster gave us different options to choose from like Redbull does.




  3. Mountain Dew Kickstart

    All though it may be fairly new on the market, Mountain Dew Kickstart looks to have a small following of people who prefer it over the major leading brands. If you are looking for a energy drink that doesn’t have such a strong taste, then Kickstart might be for you. Since it’s created by Mountain Dew it’s no surprise that it has a more sparkling citrus taste to it. Give it a try and see what you think.





There are many different energy drinks on the market today and they all claim to offer the best boost, the best taste and the best bang for your buck. But in the end it all comes down to your own preference. So make your own list and see how it stacks up, I’m sure everybody’s preference will be different.